How To Register a Death In Gabon

How To Register a Death In Gabon

  • Find proof of death in order to apply to receive the death certificate. You can get this from the health department of your local area or morgue, or the hospital where your loved one died. These three institutions will be able to supply you with forms to document the death, along with vital documents.
  • Complete the application for a death certificate completely Get a doctor’s or mortician’s seal and send the application to vital records either in person or via mail. You will need ID issued by the state or government and proof of your relationship to the deceased at the time you submit the application. It could take up to the period of six weeks needed for important records to prepare a new death certificate prior to being able to obtain a copy.
  • Request an interim death certificate to make use of for life insurance claims and cremation or burial reasons. In most cases vital records offices can offer an interim copy.
  • You must provide as much evidence of your birth or death you can with as much documentation as is possible. This will reduce the chance of rejections or delays in registration applications.
  • A few of the details you will find in death records includes the names of relatives as well as the date and location of birth as well as the marriage and death of the person, as well as the job for the decedent, along with any military service performed as well as the cause of the death. Death records can also direct you to funeral records which may contain additional information which can confirm what you see in the earlier.

Documents that are required Register a Death

Death Certificate/copy from magistrates’ findingsor

  • The evidence of death
  • Identification documents for the sick If there are any

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Social Affairs, Family & Solidarity

Bote Postale 5684,


Telephone : +241 (1) 761-700

Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene & Promotion of the Family

Bote Postale 50,


Telephone : +241 (1) 761-747

Fax : 241 (1) 761-800

What Are All The Eligibility

A death can be valid for registration when there is enough evidence of the event and the availability of a death certificate from the medical examiner or magistrate’s report in the event of an inquiry.


There are no charges to pay



Processing Time

The time frame varies based on the complexity of the death. Simple cases can require a couple of hours.


  • After you’ve been informed of a death which you are the most suitable person to take responsibility then you must confirm the circumstances of the death. You should also have the body examined and inform the registry of deaths and births.
  • The death registration must be done immediately following the event.

Requirements Information

  • The proof of death
  • Personal information of the person who registered the death
  • Personal information about the patient
  • The details of the death

The Document is required Register a Death

  • Death records are the most important and most complete public records regarding an individual. It contains documents like the death certificate obituaries as well as other documents that outline the reasons for his death. If marriage or birth records are not available it is high that the deceased has the death certificate.
  • A death certificate proves that the person is no longer alive, whereas birth certificates provide evidence of birth. They are both used for various reasons like obtaining identity documents and insurance claims, passports and various other documents.
  • In Gabon the transition from death to life is thought of as the most significant life transition due to the significance of the spirits of our ancestors. In Gabon funerals are elaborate occasions. People who mourn the person who died remain awake for days caring for the body. In the past the time a man died his widow would often marry one of his closest relatives, typically an older brother. This is not as common in the present day.

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How To Register a Death In Gabon
How To Register a Death In Gabon



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