How To Register a Political Party In Gabon

How To Register a Political Party In Gabon

What is the process to apply:

  • It is recommended to contact the ministry’s in the interior office for further information about how to file your application to them.
  • Complete the application forms which are available at ministry offices . The application must be signed by a commissioner of oaths/notary public.
  • Send the completed form together with any supporting documents (listed under the “Required documents” section) to be verified and processed in the Directorate General of Elections and Public Liberties office.
  • The Directorate General of Elections will examine your application after receiving it. A separate inquiry will be conducted to verify whether your form is legitimate.
  • The Directorate General of Elections will then announce your application in the gazette of the government within 30 days after receiving your application. They will then invite opposition from anyone who is concerned about an election registration request within 14 days of publication.
  • If all documents are in order and there is no public opposition The Directorate General of Elections will then create a political party, and issue you with a certification after the payment of all charges.

Documents Required Register a Political Party

  • 1. One (1) declaration from one of the founder members (s);
  • The minutes of the constitutive session of the Political Party mentioning the names of the members, their first names, dates and birthplace, and the professions of the members;
  • Three (3) copies of the statute
  • Three (3) copies of the internal regulations
  • Photocopies certified as authentic and true of identification cards issued by the national government of executive and founding members;
  • The criminal record of managing members and founders with a minimum of three months
  • The name and the emblem (or emblem) that identify the Party along with the address of its headquarters, which should be on the territory of the nation with the exception of war.
  • A three-page membership form that includes at least three thousand members spread over at minimum five (5) provinces.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior for the Decentralization of Public Hygiene and Security:Address: Downtown Avenue de Cointet, BP, Libreville
Phone 🙁 (+11) 01771009/01760532
Directorate General of Elections and Public Liberties
Telephone: (+011) 01763034
Website: website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Gabon citizens aged 18 and over (individuals/groups) who wish to form an political organization in Gabon


You can consult the ministry

The Information You Need

  • The name or slogan, symbol, or color is similar to that of an political party and must be registered
  • Names of executive members and their contact details/ID card number/residential addresses
  • The constitution must be three copies in the form of a organization or political party which has been signed by the authorized officers from the party’s political office or the organization.
  • Proposed physical address of the party. Lot number, road and town
  • Names of officials, in complete. Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer. Additional officials if applicable.

Documentation is needed

  • The term “political party” refers to a group of individuals who share the same philosophy or the same political views and that field candidates for election in an effort to get them elected , and thus carry out the agenda of the party.

Each political party is legally registered and are governed by the Law No. 24/96 of 6 June June 1996 in Gabon.

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How To Register a Political Party In Gabon
How To Register a Political Party In Gabon



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