How to Register a Death In Madagascar

Register a Death In Madagascar By Online

In order to record a death you must submit the Death Notification Form that outlines the reason for the death and any other information to the Registrar. This form can be obtained from the doctor who visited the deceased in the last illness. The second section must be completed of the Form for Death Notice. Then, you must complete in the Register with the help of the Registerer. 

Required Documents For Register a Death

  • The death certificate of the deceased.
  • Medical certificate for death

Office Locations and Contacts

Police Station in Antananarivo

Madagascar Government


A death that occurred in Madagascar is registered by:

  • any person who is a relative of the deceased that is aware of the information required for registration (this includes relatives by marriage)
  • someone who was present at the time of death.
  • someone who takes care of funeral arrangements


This registration is for free.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form

Processing Time

One day


If the death was recorded by a coroner, the death cannot be registered until the coroner has given permission.

Requirements Information

  • Date and location of death;
  • The full name that of the individual who died;
  • Surnames of women’s maiden names, if she is married;
  • The date and the place of birth of the person who died;
  • Their work;
  • If married, the complete name and the occupation of their spouse or husband. This is even if they’re deceased.
  • If part of the course of forming a Civil Partnership – the full name and job title for the second Civil Partner. This is regardless of whether they are deceased.
  • Address of person that has passed away;
  • Whether the individual received a pension or any other benefits from the government;
  • Birth date for the spouse, if married
  • Birth date of Civil Partner, if in an Civil Partnership; and
  • National Health Service Number (if available).

The Document is required

It is a lawful obligation in Madagascar that each death that occurs within the State must be documented and recorded. Death records in Madagascar are kept in the General Register Office, which is the central repository for information on births, marriages and deaths in Madagascar.

Information that can be useful

  • A doctor has to be confident with the causes of death before they can officially certify the cause of death. If the doctor didn’t meet with the deceased for at minimum 28 days prior to the time the death took place or if he/she’s not satisfied with the cause of death they must inform a Coroner who will determine whether a postmortem is required.
  • If the deceased’s death occurred as due to an accident or unnatural or violent circumstances, the coroner should be informed.
  • There is a possibility of delay in the registration of a deceased in the event that a postmortem was completed. The death will be registered automatically after there is an inquiry or postmortem has been scheduled on the instruction by the coroner.
  • The Coroner issues a certification to the Registrar that contains all the information needed to be recorded. Deaths must be registered early and not later than 3 months after the date of death.
  • You must obtain an authorization in writing from the Registrar General in order to register any death not registered within a year.

Other uses for the document/certificate

If you’re registering your death in the same manner, you may obtain an original copy of the death Certificate simultaneously.

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An official in Madagascar is an official who is independent who is legally responsible to investigate sudden , unsolved deaths.



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