How To Register a New Vehicle / Car Engine In China

How To Register a New Vehicle / Car Engine In China

  • The motor vehicle’s owner or agent is required to present the vehicle’s factory-made compliance certificate or import certificates, the vehicle identification number for motor vehicles that are imported using rubbing film that are not included in the motor vehicle exemption and safety technology for motor vehicles must also be presented with certificates of inspection, in order to determine the exact position of the inspection vehicle.
  • After examining the vehicle, its owner or agent must apply for registration and submit the required application forms to apply for registration to make an application for registration.

Documents that are required Register a New Vehicle / Car Engine

  • Transfer of registration for motor vehicles cancellation of registration request for transfer”
  • The owner of the motor vehicle and an original copy of the identification document;
  • by agents of an agent Agents must submit the proof of their identity (copy the agent’s identity card for the unit, and managers must provide proof of identity along with copies of the original) as well as the written authorization from an owner
  • evidence of the origin of motor vehicle
  • Vehicle Factory (five) domestic motor vehicle certificates (certificate of motor vehicles imported that are part of the imported motor vehicle the chassis that has been modified);
  • Certificate of import (six) import motor vehicle;
  • the purchase of a motor vehicle tax exempt or payment certificate
  • mandatory liability insurance for traffic accidents certificate
  • tax exemption or travel tax certificate;
  • are a micro, small passenger vehicles, you have to register to set up or modify the city’s small passenger indicators ;
  • Portfolio of technical information for vehicles;
  • Other evidence (xii) regulations and regulations must be provided during the process of registration of the vehicle and also the proof.

Office Locations and Contacts

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau,Beijing ICP 08006306 Beijing public security equipment 110 102 001 220
Address: Xicheng District, Beijing Fuchengmen
North Main Street on the 1st Zip Code: 100037

Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority
Address 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am-11:30am and 11:30-4:30pm from Monday to Friday)
Telephone: 23111111

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The owner of the motor vehicle or his agent must provide the factory-made vehicle compliance certificate or import certificate, or the identification number for motor vehicles that are imported using rubbing film that are not part of the motor vehicle exemption or safety features for motor vehicles. must also be presented with certifications of inspection to verify the position of the vehicle inspection vehicle.
  • After inspecting the vehicle, the owner or agent must apply for registration by submitting the required application forms to apply for registration and make an application for registration.


Charge for reflective car number plates 100 yuan per pair motorcycle reflective plate cost 35 Yuan per pair reflective plates for trailers cost 50 yuan per pair three vehicles, low-speed reflective plates cost 40 yuan per pair motor vehicle license fee 15 Yuan/this registration certificate for motor vehicles for 10 yuan card.


The identification of the vehicle’s address is:

  • Foreign diplomats own cars foreign diplomats own vehicles, which includes (consulate) people or groups outside of within the car, such as police vehicles ambulances, fire engines and engineering emergency vehicles are included in Shenghua vehicle screening field inspection.
  • Other alternatives for automobile motor vehicle detection field inspections Micro and domestic private passenger automobiles, vehicles with low speeds and identification of the owner of the motor vehicle address of residence recorded in the suburbs outside that are made by the own wheeled machine or, if desired, each Suburbs automobile detection and field examination.
  • imported motorcycles imported, Beijing Shenghua Plate of home-made optional, College Road, north Beijing, Beijing-based vehicle detection field inspection three cars Beijing B domestic motorcycle plate available Tongzhou, Liangxiang, north, Beijing Shun, airport Xing Fang, Huairou, Pinggu, Pinggu Kai Chao, Miyun vehicle detection field inspection.
  • Motor vehicle registration service stations is required to submit an application for registration of motor vehicles that require a vehicle field inspection for detection.
  • 4S shop inspection license Kiosks registration inspection, licensing and registration at the inspection station.
  • Registration for registration is available at:
  • to allow (consulate) the motor vehicle that is not under the control as well as management from foreign entities in the department of vehicle management to process. Foreign diplomats have their own motorbikes imported from the United States Jing A motorcycle license plate police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and engineering emergency vehicles for processing of vehicle management.
  • Domestic Beijing B plates motorcycle, three vehicles as well as low-speed vehicles. resident identification addresses for owners of vehicles found in the outer suburbs of the mechanically self-wheeled vehicle suburban station processing.
  • Additional car vehicle detection options are available for field processing. For instance, the domestic micro and small commercial passenger vehicles are able to be used as an alternative vehicle suburban stations or a handle for a licensing point (Daxing, Changping exception). However the inspecting the car prohibited for registration of brand new vehicles. Those who are interested in applying to be registered at the licensing point inspection site.
  • Shop inspections and 4S licensing of service vehicles inspection stations located in The 4S Shop Licensing Kiosks registration.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • The type of identification
  • Identification Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • The official language of preference on license
  • Email address
  • Contact number for telephone or contact
  • Facsimile number
  • Address for mailing
  • Residence address

Need to have the Document

The People’s Republic of China issues plates for vehicles at the Vehicle Management Offices under the direction by the Ministry of Public Security.

Information that could be helpful

  • If you do not have a registered transfer of ownership of motor vehicles Apply for registration and in addition to providing evidence of the transfer of ownership of the vehicle of origin, you must also submit the invoice from the vehicle’s initial purchase or an united national motor invoice for sales of the vehicle or a Unit invoice for sales overseas. However, the court of people’s mediation ruling that the the transfer of ownership of a judgment on a vehicle is not accompanied by the invoice from the car’s initial purchase.
  • Owner of vehicle equipped establishments, which means that it is not required to obtain”Organization Code” or “Organization Code Certificate” condition. Instead, you are able to utilize your vehicle’s “organization Code Certificate” to prove the identity of the owner of the vehicle. Evidence (consulate) Organs inside the Museum, which can be used to create (consulate) documents issued to the proprietor of the car to prove of identity. However, the name of owner of the vehicle is required to establish the source of the name of the registration documents.
  • Legally detained, confiscated, and auctioned domestic vehicles and the owner of the vehicle may not be approved to present evidence of the vehicle you can use administration or judicial enforcement agencies that issue lawfully detained evidence, confiscated and auctioned. that can be used to apply for registration.
  • The registration application of motor vehicles must be in compliance with city and state environmental protection regulations. Except for trams, wheels are driven by their own machines and trailers.

Registration of road vehicles for special operations, and the implementation of complete control in the area of control. The motorcycle’s license plate registration application must be submitted with proof that the registration that the registration has been cancelled or removed from the vehicle.

If you want to apply for commercial passenger vehicles that are registered, provide the necessary document issued by City Transit Authority.

Police registration applications must be submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Public Security or the Municipal Public Security Bureau to show that the application of ambulances, fire engines as well as engineering rescue vehicle, registered must be submitted to the Ministry of Public Security for approval to show that the vehicle is Municipal Traffic Management Bureau issued.

The truck that is used for hazardous chemicals school bus registration must provide evidence from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau issued.

  • to transfer the motor vehicle following the registration has been cancelled or cancelled you are the original owner of the vehicle at the time of the application is made for registration for the purchase of a new vehicle, you may apply for the use of the vehicle’s original licence plate. It must, however, comply with the following requirements:
    • Six months from the time of filing the cancellation or transfer registration within six months following the time;
    • the owner of the vehicle has the motor vehicle in its original form for longer than three years old;

the first motor vehicle to be involved in road safety issues and in accidents that were processed.

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