How to Register a Pesticide Business (Pesticide License) In India

Register a Pesticide Business (Pesticide License) In India By Yourself

  • In order to apply to apply for to apply for Pesticide (Insecticide) license,, the applicant should make contact with the Deputy Commissioner’s office.
  • The applicant must be sure that they’re eligible to submit the application by examining the eligibility requirements listed in the section on eligibility of this page .
  • The applicant must have completed their training and must have obtained the proper license.
  • Make sure that you have all of the required documents, which are listed under the section Required Documents of this page.
  • After confirming the documents submitted, the authorities will then check the premises to be sure that appropriate standards are observed, and if they are satisfied with the standards that are followed, the business can be allowed to operate. Apply On-line

The application can be completed online. Follow the steps in the document that will give you the following information : Steps for Online Application

Required Documents For Register a Pesticide Business (Pesticide License)

  • Identity evidence.
  • Two passport size photographs .
  • A copy of current registration certificates of your business and/or trade name with the addresses (or) name of individuals who manage the business if there is no corporate name, but only a trade name.
  • A list of the products.
  • Principal certificate provided by dealer.
  • Aadhaar Card

Office Locations and Contacts

Tests for pesticide application :
Gerry (

Licence Insurance

Pesticides and pesticide-related issues :
Ricky Foster- ( 6159375138)

Licence and certification
Mary Borthic (Ph.no6158375310). 6-158375310)

Aerial Insurance
Robert Lawton ( 615375148

The following link will provide you with more information about contact details : More contact info


  • People who want to start the business should be at least 18 years old and have at minimum one year of pesticide application knowledge as a registered.
  • A person trained by the NIPHM/CFTRI/NPPTI at Hyderabad/Mysore/Faridabad for 15days in fumigation and prophylaxis program.
  • Any degree or certificate in the field of science could be substituted for prior experience.
  • Valid pest control certificate. (You have to be certified from the Structural Pest Control Board (Board) as an Operator).


A demand draft from a bank for Rs. one hundred drawn in favor of the state bank of India fairdhabad, in favour of the officer of the account, directorate in plant protection fairdhabad in Haryana.


  • The pesticide license expires after one year.
  • Applications for renewal will be mailed to applicants prior to when the expiration date.

The license fees and charge are payable at date of renewal.

Examples of Documents

Formula II
(Department of Agriculture)
[Rule 6(4)]
Certified that the pesticide ____________ has been registered under the name of individualor company whose details are listed below:
Name of the person/ undertaking__GOVIND ______________________________
Address _________________________________________________
Registration No.____________________________________________
Name of the insecticide_______________________________________
(Brand name, trade name, chemical name for the insecticide, information there of its composition etc.)
Condition if any.___________________________________________
New Delhi, the _____________2000
Seal of Department _____

Processing Time

After the application has been completed, it can take between six to seven months to be processed.


  • Each application must be prepared in a manner that it has all the specifics required by the regulations.
  • When an application is received to grant license, it will be granted based on the terms of the form and upon the payment of a fee in accordance with stipulated.
  • A license is valid for a certain time period and must be renewed on a regular basis. the date.
    There are various types of licenses available depending on the kind of business being established.
  • License from Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee The applicant needs to obtain a permit from central insecticides board to assure that the insecticide you use is safe. The act on insecticides of 1968 is a law that regulates the import, manufacturing and sale, transportation distribution, and use of insecticides in order to protect humans or animals. Find out more information about this law and how to apply for a the license by clicking here.
  • License to manufacture insecticides:You will also need a license to produce insecticides, and for this, you require the permission of a license to produce insecticides. Find the license form here.
  • License to Sell in stock and distribute insecticides Download the application form and apply to get this licence here.
  • License For Use Of Restricted Insecticides For Commercial Operators:- Get the form and apply for license [ttp:// here].

The Information You Need

The required information to complete the process varies according to the type of license. However, generally, you should have the following information.

Address and full name as well as the information about the status of the applicant’s name and address, as well as the status of the

  • The business category
  • Address of the building
  • The name that is commonly used and the trade name, the brand name for the insecticides that the applicant intends to apply.
  • If you’re is a plan to import is done, then the necessary documents is required
  • The name and the address for the manufacturer
  • Address and name of the supplier
  • Is it registered in the country?
  • In the case of manufacturing the chemical formulation, please provide details
  • Information on the storage conditions for insecticides. condition
  • Shelf life details
  • The details of the toxic effects of the product on animals, plants, and humans toxicological information to be included (as as per the specifications of the Registration Committee).
  • The insects, plants and other animals that are poisonous, as well as plants against which it is designed to be applied. (published/authenticated reports on bioefficacy of the insecticide to be enclosed as per details specified by the registration committed.
  • Instructions for storage and first aid with precautionary measures.
  • In the event of manufacturing the insecticide, make about 8-10 copies of leaflets and labels (includes any graphic or printed material)
  • The fees and details of the deposits
  • The application form and the verification component must be signed , in the the case of an individual by the person who signed it or by a person who is authorized by him; in the cases of a Hindu undivided families the karta or for the partnership firm through the partner who is managing for a corporation or by an individual duly appointed of the Board of Directors and in the event of any other situation by the person in charge of or accountable for the operation for the company.
  • One self addressed stamped envelope as well as one envelope with a stamp must be attached to the application.

Documentation is needed

Pest control companies provide the most important service of the removal or elimination of dangerous insects, rodents and reptiles from both commercial and residential homes. To begin a pest management company, you need to apply for a pest control permit and pass an examination that will demonstrate your capacity to employ chemicals as well as other methods to eliminate vermin in a safe and effective manner. A person who wants to produce, sell, stock, or distribute any insecticide are required to apply to the Central government of India ( The license can be obtained within twelve months from the date of the application.

Information that can be useful

Visit the websites listed for further information regarding the forms and procedures:



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