How To Register an Adoption In Chad

How To Register an Adoption In Chad

In Chad it is believed that there isn’t a formal process for adoption but there are two kinds of adoption which have been adopted including the adoption that is simple and the adoption pleiniere.

  • Adoption Simple Traditional kind of adoption. In this scenario parents who are unable to cater to the requirements of their children permit them to reside with locally with well-off families and based in the local area.
  • Adoption Pleiniere Adoption Pleiniere: This is a formal and precise kind of adoption.
  • The final decision regarding the adoption of a specific child is decided through the Tribunal de la Premiere Instance and here is how the final decision is made:
  • Parents of adoptive children should begin by going to the Ministry of Justice to inquire about the adoption laws in Chad as well as the requirements and the procedure for the process of registering an adoption
  • After that adoption parents are prepared, they should complete all the documents needed and submit them with the application for registration of an application with the Ministry of Justice.
  • Adoption officers review the application, and if it is approved it is then forwarded on to Tribunal de la Premiere Instance.
  • The Tribunal de la Premiere Instance through a court hearing decides whether the child is legally adopted by the adoptive parents.

Documents that are required Register an Adoption

1.Applicant(s) documents; 2. ID documents;2.Proof proof of the applicant’s the applicant’s age (Birth Certificate);
3.Proof of residency
4.Medical clearance certificates
5.Police clearance certificates
6.Consent from parents biological family members and child over fifteen (15) years of age

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice

PO Box 426 N’Djamena

Telephone: 235 22 523667 / +235 522172 / 522139

Fax: +235 525885


What Are All The Eligibility

Adoptive parents are citizens of Chad


The fees vary based on the lawyer who handles the case


  • Simple is the term used to describe adoption. Simple has validity for a specified time frame between adoptive and biological parents.

Adoption Pleiniere is valid for life.

Processing Time

1.Adoption Simple takes a few days
2.Adoption Pleiniere can take 3 (3) to four weeks or longer


1. Once an adoption is granted, it is not able to be reversed.

2. Adoptive parents must be healthy physically and mentally. health.

3. Be aware of the cases that allow temporary or permanent detention and for immigration purposes.

4. Be aware of situations in which adoptive parents are able to or are unable to change the names of adopted children;

5. There are a few children who in orphanages and children’s homes are adoptable.

The Information You Need

1. Name of the adoptive parent (s)

2. Marital status of the adoptive parent(s)

3. Address for the parent adoptive (s)

4. The status of family members in the case of adoptive parent(s)

5. Financial capacity of the adoptive parent (s)

6. Information about what will happen to the child(ren) that will eventually be adopted

7. Information about the biological parents or parents of child (ren) who are to be adopted

8. The medical condition of the an adoptive parent (s)

The Document is required Register an Adoption

The Adoption process allows families to be formed for children who are not able to be raised to maturity by biological parents. This process involves the transfer of parental rights from biological parents/ the parents of a child’s relatives into adoptive parents. Registering an adoption is making the adoption process legal. Adoption issues in Chad are managed through the Ministry of Justice.

Information that can be useful

Ministry of Justice

PO Box 426 N’Djamena

Telephone: 235 22 523667 / +235 522172 / 522139

Fax: +235 525885


Other uses of the document/certificate

1.The adopted child receives a new identity;
2.A new family for adopted parents as well as the baby has been established;
3.A child who is adopted can receive all of his or his or her needs;
4.It alters the relationship between parents and children

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How To Register an Adoption In Chad
How To Register an Adoption In Chad



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