How To Register an adoption In Gabon

How To Register an adoption In Gabon

1.Prospective Adoptive Parents who wish would like to have a child adopted in Gabon begin by submitting an the application to be deemed eligible along with the required documents to the authority for adoption in the country. Foreigners are also required to apply to be considered eligible in their home country. In addition to the documents submitted, they must be a letter to the authority for adoption stating the reasons the reason why the applicant(s) wants to take a child from Gabon and also an exact description of the wanted child

2.When the documents arrive they are analyzed and, in the event that the applicant(s) are found to be qualified, the identification of a child takes place. When a child is been recognized as eligible by an applicant(s) information about the child’s identity are given to the authority, or there is no search for a wanted child is conducted. If a child meets the criteria for the applicant(s) is identified, his/her information is passed on to the parents who will adopt by the authority responsible for adoption;

3.The adoptive parents evaluate the recommendation to determine whether the child identified matches their needs and are able to fulfill their requirements. If the child is in line with the needs for the parents who adopted them, they must obtain consent by the birth parents, or any of the remaining relatives, if they are known and, if they are not aware the parents need to obtain permission to the Trusteeship Council. All consents must be signed before an official who is notary public;

4.Thereafter for those applicants who would like to take an entire adoption the child identified is placed in the residence of the applicant(s) during a time of 1 (1) year. During the time, if the applicants are not residents of Gabon the applicant is obliged to go to another country and remain in the country for the specified amount of time. During the period , when children are placed within that family the family is placed under the supervision by social workers and police;

5.When the above time frame has passed after which it is believed that child(ren) and the adoptive parent(s) must have established an intimate relationship. Therefore, the social worker and police are required to write appropriate reports.

6.If accepted, there is a connection between the child and the adoptive parent(s) The applicants will file the application to adopt in the Tribunal de Grande instance territorial jurisdiction.

7.The trustee council conducts any investigation, and the date for hearing is scheduled. At the time of hearing, the adoption judgment is handed down in the Tribunal de Grande Instance. The applicant then has the option of taking the child back home.

Documents that are required Register an adoption

1.Letter of of interest

2.Request for the legal adoption of the child

3.Accreditation Service Social Assistance Fund (ASE) and the accompanying leaflet on approvals

4.Report from a social worker (Rapport de lenqute sociale de lA.S.E.)

5.Birth certificate for every applicant

6.Marriage certification (married applicants)

7.Police certification of clearance for every applicant

8.Medical clearance certificate

9.Proof of the availability of resources to assist the child’s adoption

10.Photographs from the applicant(s) as well as their home

11.Recommendation letters from family members

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Social Affairs

(Ministre de la Famille et des Affaires Sociales)

B.P. 50 Libreville

Telephone No. : 241 76 35 90

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The applicants can be single or married.
  • Married applicants must be married for at the very least five (5) years, and at least one (1) applicant must be over 30 (30) years of age;
  • Single applicants must be over thirty-five (35) years of age;

Single applicants must be over thirty-five (35) years of age;

Processing Time

A one (1) year and over.


  • The child to be adopted should be of at least one (1) year old, and not older than 15 (15) years old;
  • Candidates from outside the country must capable of travelling and staying for a period of time in Gabon to at least one year.
  • In the case of married applicants each partner must agree to the adoption
  • Parents who adopt must be 15 (15) year older than the infant that will be adopted.
  • The age gap is decreased to 10 (10) years in the event that the child who is to be adopted is the child of an existing spouse.
  • Age discrimination can be removed through the President of the nation upon the application and if all requirements are met;
  • In an adoption simple, any child is eligible to be adopted, regardless of the age of the child being adopted.
  • Children who are older than 15 (15) years of age must give their consent to be adopted;
  • Parents who are biological or a remaining relatives of the chosen kid (if alive and knows) must be in agreement with the adoption;
  • If the biological parents or other relatives of a child who is to be adopted are not identified or have passed away The Trusteeship Council must agree to the adoption;
  • Some children in orphanages or children’s homes are up for adoption.
  • Children of the State and children who have been ignored or ignored by parents for at the least a year can be adopted without any restrictions;
  • A child is deemed to be ignored or neglected in the course of a an investigation by a judge;
  • Parents who are biological or descendants of the child have to accept adoption
  • If the parents or other family members of child can’t be located, the trusteeship council must be in agreement with adoption
  • The letters of request are to be signed by applicant(s);
  • Financial capacity proof must be in the original document;

The Information You Need

1.Full name of the applicant(s)

2.Contact with physical address and contact information of applicant(s)

3.Sex age, the marital status of applicant(s)

4.Details of a child who is identified to be adopted

5.Personal as well as family background of the applicants.

6.Medical condition of applicant(s)

7.Financial capability of applicant(s)

8.Details of biological parents or the guardians / surviving relatives of the child that will be adopted

The Document is required Register an adoption

  • Adoption is the act of passing parental rights over from the biological parents to potential adoptive parents. It is the process of establishing a legal and lasting relationship between the adopted child and potential adoptive parents.
  • There are two kinds of adoptive in Gabon specifically:
  • i)Full adoption (Adoption plnire) that establishes a legal permanent and irrevocable bond between the adopted child and adoptive parents. In this instance the adopted child takes on the nationality of parents who adopted them in the event that they are they are not Gabonese and
  • ii)Adoption Simple, which establishes an official relation between the adopted child as well as parents who adopted them, but in this situation the adopted child is still with the rights of the family of origin, including nationality , if adopted by a foreign national , and the adoption process is irrevocable. The main agency responsible for addressing issues regarding adoptions of children in Gabon is known as the Ministry of Social Affairs (Ministere of Famile and of Social Affairs) in conjunction and the Court of First Instance (the Tribunal de Premiere Instance).

Information that could be helpful

1.Applicants who are living abroad could be need to go through additional procedures after the court’s final rulings, such as getting various documents for the child

2.Foreign applicants must verify (before adopting a child) that the child chosen is able to be adopted in their home country.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Adoption signifies the beginning of new beginnings and a new family for both the prospective parents and adoptive parent(s) along with the adoptive child

2.Through adoption an adopted child can to experience what he or would not be able to receive from their biological parents.

3.Adoption alters the status of the adoptive parents as well as the child adopted;

4.Adoption provides optimism for the next of children who have been neglected or abandoned;

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How To Register an adoption In Gabon
How To Register an adoption In Gabon



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