How to Register as a Money Lender In Uganda

Register as a Money Lender In Uganda By Online

  1. Anyone who wishes to be certified as a Money lender in Uganda should submit a formal inquiry for registration with the Uganda Microfinance regulatory Authority (UMRA) and be able to provide the necessary documents.
  2. The applicant should be accompanied by documents and other requirements as specified in the following sections;
    • the address and name of the the lender’s address and name. (CERETIFIED Copy, FORM 18).
    • the details of directors and the secretary of the the money lender. (CERTIFIED Copy, Form 20).
    • the date of the issuance of the money lending license.
    • the date when the license was renewed the date of renewal of the licence, if it is.
    • the conditions or terms that are attached to a money lending licence, if it has any.
    • in the event of revocation, and/or suspension the specifics of the suspension or revocation of money-lending license depending on the situation be in the event of revocation or suspension
    • any modifications to the specifics of the loan Lender.
    • Certificate of incorporation. (CERTIFIED COPY).
    • Registered address
    • National Identity Cards used by all directors and the secretary of the company.
    • The certificates of good conduct are issued to directors everywhere.
    • Evidence of payment of fees required for application for the licence.
    • The interest rates in accordance with the different types of loans that are offered.
    • Memorandum and articles of agreement. (CERTIFIED,COPY can be attached).
  3. The application form is obtained from Uganda Microfinance regulatory Authority (UMRA) website portal Read the directions carefully before filling in the application form in a precise manner.
  4. The form should be completed and signed by two promoters. Promoters’ names need to be printed before your signature on the Form. Promoters are the proprietors of the business that lends money.
  5. Include the proof of payment for registration fees.
  6. If the application of the Money Lender meets the requirements for registration The Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority within three months will issue a registration certificate to the applicant.
  7. The registration certificate must be made in the form prescribed in the schedule. It should contain your name and registration numbers, and when the registration was made for the company.
  8. The registration certificate expires on the first day of December each year. It must also specify the name under where the cash lender has been authorized operate a business. It does not allow a lender to conduct business under multiple names.
  9. The Authority could decline to issue an authorization certificate for lending money if the shareholders or those accountable to manage the firm or business are not in good standing; or the person applying for the loan or any person accountable for the company’s management is found guilty of an offense that involves embezzlement, or any other financial irregularity and fails to comply with the provisions in the Act.

Notification 1The Act isn’t a definition of the qualities of a good character business manager in the field of money lending means.This could be misused, or even illegal due to the confusion it creates, as good character could be an unreliable test.

2.It must be remembered that it’s a crime to operate a business as a money lender without a Money-Lending Registration Certificate or with a name or at a location different from the address or name specified in the money-lending licence.

Required Documents For Register as a Money Lender

  • the certificate of incorporation of the company,
  • the specifics of Directors for the Company;
  • A resolution of the specifics of the secretary of the company
  • the physical and postal address of the business and
  • Evidence of the prescribed fees.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority (UMRA)
Ruwenzori Towers Block B Ground Floor
P.O.Box x 11545 Kampala Uganda.
Plot 6 Nakasero Road
Tel: +256 417 799 700
Fax: + 256 414 230 163
Web site: Uganda Microfinance regulatory Authority
Bank of Uganda
Lots 37/45 Kampala Road
P.O Box 7120, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 258-441/6
Tel: +256 414 258 060/9
Tel: +256 417 302 000
Tel: +256 312 392 000
Fax: +256 41-4230878
Web site: Bank of Uganda
Bank Of Uganda Branches.

  • The bank has nine branches in the following cities across the country:
Bank of Uganda.
Arua (Branch)
Location: Plot 27/29 Avenue Road (Inzikuru Road)
Address: P. O. Box 152 Arua
Tel: +256-476-420253
Bank of Uganda
Fort Portal (Branch)
The location is Plot 1. Kaboyo Road
Address: P.O. Post 562 Fort Portal
Tel: +256-483-422532
Bank Of Uganda
Gulu (Branch)
Airfield Road, Airfield Road
Address: P.O. Box 46 Gulu
Tel: +256-471-432330
Bank of Uganda
Jinja (Branch)
Location: Plot 3 Busoga Avenue/ Busoga Square
Address: P.O. Box 35 Jinja
Tel: +256-43-4121247
Bank Of Uganda
Kabale (Branch)
Location: Plot 137 Kabale Road
Address: P.O. Box 966 Kabale
Tel: +256-486-423595
Bank of Uganda
Masaka (Branch)
Location Lots 41 Kampala Road
Address: P.O. Box 1567 Masaka
Tel: +256-481-421246/8
Bank of Uganda
Mbale (Branch)
The location: Plot 34-38 Cathedral Avenue
Address: P.O. Box 2402 Mbale
Tel: +256-454-433632
Bank of Uganda
Mbarara (Branch)
The address: Plot 2 High Street, Mbarara
Address: P.O. Box 1421 Mbarara
Tel: +256-485-420741
Bank of Uganda
Kampala (Branch)
The location: Plot 37/43 Kampala Road, Kampala
Address: P.O Box 7120, Kampala
Tel: +256-41-4258441/6
Bank of Uganda Lira
(Currency Technology Center)
The location is: Plot 2, Obote Avenue
Address: P.O. Box 211 Lira


  • The Money Lender License will not be granted until the applicant is registered as a lender with the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority and is a holder of an the eligibility Trading License certificate (hereinafter referred to as the certificate).
  • A private entity which is legally registered in Uganda is able to only conduct the business of lending money. The business must be a privately owned company that is not engaged in the business of insurance or banking or insurance. A society must be that is registered in accordance with the Cooperative Societies Act, or any body that has been incorporated or authorized through an Act of the parliament to loan money similar to Microfinance Support Centre. Microfinance Support Centre.
  • Anyone can get an money Lenders License by UMRA in the event that they register as a company at Uganda Registration bureau. Uganda Registration bureau. However, this does not prohibit any individual of lending funds to others on a courtesy basis.

NOTE: An individual human who is in Uganda cannot be in lending money.


Registration fee: UGshs.500,000.


The registration issued pursuant to the Act can be used for a year and will expires on the 31st day of December each year.

Processing Time

Processing time is 3 months for processing.


A money lender must make public and make available to those who are borrowing in a transparent and visible manner prior to signing the loan agreement. This includes the fees and charges that are incurred in the loan transaction.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the applicant.
  • Address of the physical and postal headquarters.
  • Day of incorporation.
  • Form of incorporation
  • Description of the activities or business.
  • Certificate of incorporation number.
  • Information about directors (Name and Nationality Date of appointment, Education level).

Information that can be useful

  • There are more than 1000 money lenders in Uganda in accordance with the data by New Vision.
  • The current regulation of the Bank of Uganda and prudential oversight only applies to Credit institutions, commercial banks, Micro deposit institutions, Forex bureaus, and money remittance firms.
  • Loan sharks or money lenders are not subject to the supervision of BOU however, they are under the supervision of the Uganda Microfinance regulatory Authority.
  • The Tier 4 Microfinance Institutions and Money Lenders Act 2016 was enacted in order to provide an important part of the control and management of businesses that lend money.
  • This Act is repealing the Money-Lenders Act Cap 273, which made it mandatory for moneylenders to get an Money Lending License from the Chief Magistrate’s Court.
  • The Act is now creating Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority under section 6 Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority pursuant to section 6(hereinafter called the Authority’)as an entity corporate which has perpetual succession, a common seal. It the responsibility of regulating and oversee the business of money lending in Uganda.
  • The functions of the Authority with regard to regulating and supervising the money lending business include grant,renew and revoking of money lending licenses;keeping and maintaining a register of money lenders; sensitizing the public about the money lending business;conducting inspection and examination of books of accounts,records,returns, and other documents or premises of a money lending business; and conducting inquiry into the money lending business.
  • A contract for money lending must be in writing and must be signed by both the money lender and the borrower , and must be signed by a third party.
  • A money lender must to provide receipts to the borrower promptly for each repayment that is made to a loan. They are also required keep a record that will include the date on the day the loan was paid and what was paid for the loan amount, the rate of interest, the amount that was paid on the loan and the date the loan repayment was made.

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