How To Register as a Voter In Cape Verde

How To Register as a Voter In Cape Verde

  • In order to be added to the voter’s list to be included on the voter’s roll, you need to fill out and fill out an application form.
  • Also, you must show proof of identity and provide all other documents required.
  • After the application is submitted The electoral committee will prepare duplicates of the application form one copy for the candidate as proof of registration , while the second copy will be retained for the purposes of keeping the form.


  • The application is placed in “provisional” status if you are not able to provide all of the documents required.
  • Be aware that a complete refusing by an electoral officer to identify a citizen is against the law. Citizens are all given the option of submitting an application. Once the application has been submitted the committee will decide whether or not to accept or refuse registration. The decisions are all written which allows the applicant to make an appropriate complaint in case disagreement.

Documents Required Register as a Voter

  • Identity Card or Passport (expired ID document accepted)
  • For foreign voters: residence permit

Office Locations and Contacts

Cape Verde Government Website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Cape Verde citizens aged 18 years and over.
  • Foreigners and stateless people who are aged 18 and with a national registration and who have been legally and regularly residing within Cape Verde for more than three years
  • Lusophone citizens legally recognized in the same way as citizens of the country.


There is a possibility for 17-year older citizen on the voter’s roll in the event that he or she is 18 at the time of voting and has all the necessary documents required to fill out the voter registration form.


It is the legal right and duty of the Cape Verde citizen or any foreign national who is eligible to vote to cooperate with the electoral committee in taking care to ensure that his or her name has been correctly registered and is included on the voter’s register In the event errors or mistakes are made check that information about the voter is updated or corrected.

Need to have the Document

The electoral roll is the record of the registered voters who are eligible to vote in a specific area.

External Links

  • Cape Verde Government Web Portal:,188596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_dominio=25&p_menu=31&p_item=149&p_ent_det=1429



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