How to Register as an Exporter of Plant Seeds In Ivory Coast

Register as an Exporter of Plant Seeds In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Exporters who are based in Abidjan should go to Abidjan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA) office. Those who are located outside Abidjan should visit the Prefecture close to them and go to the department’s office and inform them of their desire.
  • Take the registration form carefully, go through it , and then fill it in accurately.
  • Complete the form and submit it along with any additional evidence (listed further below) to the official who will be attending to be verified.
  • Make payment for the required cost of processing at the cash desk upon which you will be issued with a receipt.
  • You will be booked to visit the site from the Department of Food Production and Food Security Department (DPVSA).
  • The DPVSA office will dispatch an inspector/health official to the premises of the facility to check if the good Storage, Manufacturing and Distribution Practice are in place.
  • The report findings will be provided to applicants and If any change or upgrade is required, Corrective Action and Preventive Action Report (CAPA) report will be issued and you will be asked to fix the problem.
  • After the successful implementation of the CAPA Following the successful implementation of the CAPA, a follow-up audit could be carried out by the inspectors to assess the efficacy of the process (where appropriate).
  • The report will be compiled that the application file is then sent onto CONASEM, the National Seeds Committee (CONASEM) for approval and processing.
  • The official or register that is authorized according to the recommendations from CONASEM, the National Seeds Committee (CONASEM) will issue you with the professional authorization card to be an exporter of plant seeds , if authorized.

Required Documents For Register as an Exporter of Plant Seeds

  • A letter addressed to the Minister responsible for Agriculture.
  • Complete an Approval Request Form (to be picked up at the DPVSA).
  • Photocopies of your National Identity Card or the Residence Card of the Manager of the Company.
  • Affirm a commitment to adhere to the technical regulations annexed to it as stipulated under Article 58 ECOWAS Regulation C / REG.4 5/2008 on the harmonization of guidelines for quality control, certification , and marketing of seeds for plant production in the ECOWAS region.
  • A photocopy copy of the Trade Register.
  • Photocopies from the Tax Declaration of Existence.
  • Technical staff that is qualified and skilled with expertise in conservation, packaging, and storage).
  • Include the list of plants and seeds sold (Catalog).
  • You must have the proper facilities and tools (suitable storage warehouse or scale, weighing scale and so on. ).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Abidjan Abidjan Plateau CAISTAB building, 24 and 25th floors
01 BP 12243 Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 20 21 43 03
Email: /
Website: Link
General Directorate of Productions and Food Security
Directorate Staple Productions and Food Security (DPVSA)
With the Direction by Seeds, inputs and seeds
Abidjan – Plateau CAISTAB Building, 5th Floor


  • Legal or natural (persons/companies/businesses) who wish to export plant seeds from Ivory Coast.


  • The fee for registration of exporters plants seeds amounts to 100,000 FCFA


The professional authorization card for an exporter of seeds for plants is valid for three years and is renewable for another 3.

Requirements Information

Applicant details

  • Full names
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Email address
  • Declaration

Information on the facility

  • Name of the business or company
  • Contact information of the business or company
  • Information about workers
  • Physical location of the facility (land markings/GPS addresses)
  • The manager’s details (name number, post, and phone No.)
  • Branch details, if there are any

Need to have the Document

  • Individuals/companies/businesses who wish to Export plants seeds from Ivory Coast are required to register and obtain approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Food Productions and Food Security (DPVSA) to be able to do so.

This is to ensure that plant products or origin from plants exported to Cote d’Ivoire comply with the phytosanitary requirements as stipulated by the conventions and regulations in effect.

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Link (Ministry of Rural and Agriculture Development)



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