How to Register as an Exporter of Rubber Tree (Hevea) In Ivory Coast

Register as an Exporter of Rubber Tree (Hevea) In Ivory Coast By Online

  • Applicants (individuals/companies/businesses) based in Abidjan should visit the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cash Productions Department office, will those based outside Abidjan should visit the Prefecture office near them, the department concerned and express your interest.
  • Request the application form at the registration/service desk , and complete it in a precise manner.
  • Pay the processing fees on the cash desk, after which you will be presented with receipt.
  • Send the completed form with the documents supporting it (listed below) to be verified.
  • After receiving the file after receiving the file, upon receipt of the dossier, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will arrange an on-site visit in collaboration in conjunction with the Ministry responsible for Trade along with the Ministry responsible for Industry will make an inspection appointment at the facility’s site.
  • The day of the scheduled date, inspectors will be sent to the site of the facility by the relevant ministries and prepare a report of their findings.
  • The findings of the report and documents for applications will then be sent the Hevea-Palmier a Huile Council for review and approval.
  • Hevea-Palmiera Huile Council will later decide whether to approve applications that meet all the conditions established by the ministries.
  • When your proposal is granted you will be informed of the decision via mail, telephone or personally within one month. You will also receive an order draft that includes the approval of an exporter of Machined Rubber signed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the attached documents:
  • A report on the factory visit conducted by the mixed team comprised of Ministries responsible for Agriculture and Trade, as well as the Minister in charge of trade and responsible for Industries.
  • Laboratory report of analysis about the product that resulted from the treatment.
  • A copy of the Decree No. 212 of the 10th of March, 1999, relating to the promotion of Rubber.
  • Copy of Order No. 077 of the 8th June 1999 [A99.057] establishing those conditions that must be met for the approval Natural Rubber Exporters.
  • A copy of the investment approval Decision that was issued by CEPICI.
  • Copy of the Order that approves the Investment issued by the MPMEF.
  • Copy of the Order that approves the Environmental and Social Impact Study published from the Ministry of the Environment.

Required Documents For Register as an Exporter of Rubber Tree

  • Application for Approval to export of natural rubber formulated by APROMAC.
  • Contracts with suppliers and customers and suppliers.
  • Identification of the company: geographic place of operation (address or telephone number or fax number, email address and so on. ) Management presentation.
  • A description of the properties of the machining processes and the type of rubber that is produced that requires approval (attach the certificate of analysis from a laboratory that has been approved).
  • A description and list of machine tools.
  • The number of employees and the skills of factory or plantation supervisors.
  • The amount of capital.
  • Investor Approval Decree (issued from CEPICI).
  • Decree on Approval of Investment (issued through the Ministry of the Economy and Finance).
  • Copy of the order of the Ministry of the Environment approving the environmental impact report for the construction of the facility.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Address: Abidjan – Plateau CAISTAB building 24th and 25th floors.
01 BP 12243 Abidjan 01, Cote d’Ivoire
Tel: (+225) 20 21 43 03
Cash Productions Department
Address: Abidjan – Plateau CAISTAB building, 4th floor, Door 10.
Website Link
APROMAC (Professional Association of Natural Rubber Ivory Coast)
Address: Abidjan – Cocody Angre 7th instalment (behind Company Power 6). Company Power 6)
Tel: (+225) 22 41 46 16
Ministry of Industry and Mines
Abidjan-Plateau Harmonies II Building drafts
Telephone: (+225) 202 3089/20218900/20216478
Fax; (+225) 20216474
Website: Link
Ministry of Trade, Craft and the Promotion of SMEs
Address: Abidjan – Plateau Cite Administrative Tower E 13th floor / Nour-al-hayat building avenue
chardy abidjan lagunescall
Telephone:( +225) 20 24 26 04
Fax (+225) 20 24 26 03
Website: Link


  • Any natural or legal entity who’s main business is the manufacture and sale of rubber-based products.
  • Commercial corporations that are governed by Ivorian law, whose purpose is to exploit Hevea.
  • Agro-industrial corporations that are governed by Ivorian law, whose purpose is to export Hevea-related products.
  • Unions and cooperative societies and federations, as well as confederations that operate within their Hevea sectors.


  • Application fee of 500,000 FCFA


The certificate/card for Exporter Quality Approval lasts for five years, and is renewable after that.

Processing Time

After you have submitted your application, the process will begin within one month after you have submitted your application

The Information You Need

Applicant details

  • Full names
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Email address
  • Declaration

Information on the facility

  • Name of the business
  • Information on employees
  • Physical location of the facility (land mark/GPS location)
  • The manager’s details (name number, post, and phone No.)
  • Description and list of the machine tools.
  • Branch details, if there are any

The document is needed

Exporters (Persons/businesses/companies) that wish to exercise profession export of rubber products, from Ivory Coast are required to be registered and approved by the ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

External Links

Link (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) Link (Ministry of Mines and Industry)
Link (Ministry of Trade, Crafts and Promotion of Small-Small Enterprises)



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