How To Register Birth In Cape Verde

How To Register Birth In Cape Verde

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  • If the birth occurred at the hospital, get the birthing guide from your doctor.
  • Should the institution has a registration point within its premises, visit the post and show the necessary documents as well as the guide to birth.
  • The post’s officials will examine the birth certificates and then register the birth.
  • Or, you can make your own document and then visit the registry office in your area.
  • Provide your ID to confirm and record the birth.
  • The registry will verify your application and record the birth.
  • If you, as the parent, cannot finish the process in person You can designate an agent to complete and request approval on behalf of you if they have a legal power of attorney which confirms the obligation

Documents that are required Register Birth

  • Valid parent identification document
  • PMI card
  • Birth guide
  • Power of attorney in the event of the absence of one parent to announce the birth.

Office Locations and Contacts

registry office:Ministry of Justice and Labour
CP 286 / A, Rua Cidade do Funchal, Achada Santo Antonio, Praia, Cape Verde
Praia, Cape Verde CP 286 A – Praia
The number to call is 333237.
Fax: 262 33 50

What Are All The Eligibility

The birth certificate can be reported by

  • The parents or anyone that is trusted by the parents
  • The closest relative
  • This was the Director at the institution at which the birth took place.
  • The physician or midwife who attended the birth (or in the absence of you through the one who was present at your birth).


  • The registration is free until 14 and over 14 years old is considered to be late registration, and costs 2875 CVE


Birth Certificates are Valid for Life


  • Births that took place in the hospital must be recorded in the relevant district prior to being discharged.
  • If it happened outside of the hospital, it must be recorded within between 0 and 15 days
  • Any birth that is registered after 14 years will be being deemed to be late and is subject to a fee for registration.

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Gender
  • The location, day month, year, as well as the exact time of the birth
  • The municipality and the parish of the place of birth.
  • Name, the age state, birthplace, and residence habitual of the parents.
  • The full name of the grandparents

Documentation is needed

This document confirms that a birth took place and is recorded

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • It can be used to get a birth certificates.

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