How To Register your Signature Cape Verde

How To Register your Signature Cape Verde

It is a notarial Certification of writing the signature, the letter and signature that is affixed to an official document. There are three kinds of recognition recognition through similarity, face recognition, and Recognition on solicitation. How to Apply:

  • Based on the type of acknowledgement you’d like If you are interested in a notary service, go to the office in your area with the needed documents.
  • At the counter at the service desk, hand your documents over to an your service agent and select the kind of acknowledgement you would like.
  • Pay the fees to apply in accordance with your need.
  • Make you signature with the help of a notary public and have it signed by the notary.

Documents that are required Register your Signature

  • Physical Appearance
  • Identification document

Office Locations and Contacts

Notary’s Office of Praia – Building of Registry and Registry,:
3rd Floor – behind Sucupira
Tel: 261 27 68 – Fax: 261 35 28

Notary’s Office at Praia 2 MCA Building MCA — Achada Santo:
Tel: 262 62 06/06/09

The Notary’s Office S.Vicente Mindelo: Mindelo:
Tel . / Fax. 51 05

  • On the islands that are not in this list, you can consult telephones under the name Birth

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who wants to add their signature


  • CVE 450.00 1 subscription
  • CVE 550.00 2 subscriptions
  • CVE 650.00 3 subscriptions


Signatures are valid for a lifetime until you modify it.


Recognition through similarity:

  • Recognition of the signature and letter or simply the signature made through simple contact.

Recognition of faces:

  • Acknowledgement of the signature and letter, or simply the signature in signed and written documents or only by a notary.

Recognition on request:

  • It is only recognized as such through face-to face recognition in the event that the plaintiff is unaware or is unable to sign, and is able to read the document the plaintiff without being able to remember the fingerprint.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Signature

The document is needed

  • A notarized signature has greater legal significance

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