How to Register Birth In Iran

Register Birth In Iran By Online

  • Births are recorded by the National Organization for Civil Registration. The applicants must fill out an application form. A signature from either of the parents or paternal grandfathers is required. If the marriage of parents has not been registered, both parents should be present at the time that the birth certificate is filed and also sign the appropriate documents.
  • Fill out the form in conjunction with the original ID card of the child’s parents, birth Certificate issued by a physician or midwife, and evidence that the application has been approved and paid for.

If you are outside Iran:

  • You can use the hyperlink that is listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Iranian Mission to the country in which you currently reside. If you contact the Embassy to inquire about documents you will need to provide to verify the birth of a child.
  • Complete your application and submit all necessary documentation to the consular service department at the Embassy.

Required Documents For Register Birth

  • Identification card from the original (booklet) from the mother and father
  • Birth certificate issued by a physician or midwife.
  • The proof of payment for the fee for application A bank slip for the amount of Rls. 150,000/- to Bank Melli Iran, in the name of the National Organization for Civil Registration. Make sure you check first to see to see if the fee remains the same.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Organization for Civil RegistrationTel : (+9821)66707131-9
Fax: (+9821)66709333
International Relations (+9821)66746460
Public Relations (+9821)66709666
Address: No 184, Imam Khomeini Street, Tehran, Iran

IRAN’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamic Republic of IRAN
Address: Imam Khomeini Avenue, Tehran,Iran

Iranian Missions Addresses


Who is able to submit the announcement of childbirth and get an ID document (ID Booklet) for the newborn child:

  • Paternal or father’s grandfather through identification document (Booklet).
  • Mother If her marriage is legally recorded.
  • Executor, guardian, or trustee, when presenting pertinent documents.
  • The official (or representative) of the institution to which the child is placed.

The holder, once they had been able to reach the age 18 years old.


  • Births that occur in Iran have to be registered at the National Organization for Civil Registration.
  • To register Iranian children born outside of Iran the notification must be made to the official of the Iranian Consulate Affairs within the the country of residence, in the event that it is possible and if not, to the nearest consular office , or National Organization For Civil Registration (NOCR).

Documentation is needed

This guideline provides the information you need to file an infant baby in Iran.

Information that could be helpful

The child’s name:

    • The name of the child will be decided from the individual who is submits the birth announcement.
    • An easy or compound name that is often regarded as a single name, may be chosen by the kid.
    • It is forbidden to choose names that denigrate Islamic sacredness as well as offensive and offensive titles, nicknames, or names that are not suitable for the gender.
    • Names for religious minorities that are approved under Constitutional Law shall be subject to their religion and their language.

It is compulsory to include the term “Seyyed or Sadat” in the name of Seyyeds or Sadats that descend from the Prophet is listed on the ID Card of their father or paternal grandfather.

External Links

Ministry of Interior – National Organization for Civil Registration



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