How to Register Marriage In Iran

Register Marriage In Iran By Online

HOW to apply
  • Couples who were wed in Iran or were married to an Iranian couple, they have to register their wedding with the Iranian National Organization for Civil Registration or the Iranian consulate/embassy in order for their wedding to be legally recorded.
  • Visit any of the officers with two witnesses along with the documents required and the necessary fees. Request an application form.
  • Take the time to read the instructions carefully and complete the form in the correct manner, both the couple and the witness must complete the form, pay the cost and hand them to the officer in charge.
  • The officer will check your documents, and if the details are correct, the officer is going to seal and sign the certificate.
  • The time required to get your application processed and for your wedding certificate to be granted will depend on the amount of requests currently being handled at the time of registration.

Required Documents For Register Marriage

Iranian wife who is married to an Iranian husband
  • A completed registration form
  • Four (4) photographs of the wife.
  • The consent of the husband’s father.
  • Wife’s passport.
  • Birth certificate of wife.
Iranian husband and foreign wife
  • The couple’s new birth certificate
  • The couple’s original passports.
  • Twelve (12) photographs of the wife (with Hejab)
  • Four (4) photographs of the husband (without glasses and hat)
  • The original marriage certificate for religious ceremonies.
  • Conversion certificate for wife to Islam when husband is a Moslem.
  • An original English wedding certificate.
  • The complete and detailed marriage certificate of the wife. English birth certificate
  • The original health certificate of the doctor for a couple.
  • The registration form must be completed.
Important note: If you were married to an international partner Your wife is Iranian legally and she must apply for Iranian birth certificate as well as an Iranian passport. Note that it’s not feasible to issue visas to people who are believed as Iranian.
Iranian wife and husband from abroad
  • The birth certificates are updated for the couple.
  • The couple’s original passports.
  • Husband’s complete and detailed English birth record.
  • Eight (8) photographs of a two people (ladies together with Hejab).
  • Original health certificates was issued by the couple’s physician.
  • Certificate of employment (a letter from an accountant or solicitor).
  • The original marriage certificate for religious ceremonies.
  • An original English ceremony certificate.
  • Conversion certificate for husband to Islam when spouse is Moslem.
  • Father’s consent, which has to be verified at the Vital Records Office of Foreign Ministry of I.R.Iran If the father was absent.
  • If the father is deceased then the death certificate of father needs to be provided)
  • A completed registration form
  • A certificate of non-criminal conviction for husband, which should be verified by local police.
  • Husband’s agreement to pay the alimony as well as a one-off trip expenses to Iran or wife’s agreement to waive this right.
  • Certificate of non-marital statute for the husband, if it’s not listed on the certificate of marriage.
  • Pay 1 pound to obtain a marriage certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Organization for Civil Registration
No 184, Imam Khomeini Street, Tehran, Iran
Tel :(+9821)66707131-9
Fax :(+9821)66709333
International Relations:(+9821)66746460
Public Relations:(+9821)66709666
Iranian Missions Abroad

Processing Time

The time required to allow the marriage certificate to be issued will depend on the number of applications that is currently being handled through the registration.

The Information You Need

  • Bride’s name and groom’s name
  • Couple reside at the same address
  • ID card of parents or guardianship information
  • Birth certificate information of the couple
  • Identification card information of both couples as well as witnesses
  • Marriage certificate detail

The document is needed

It can be legally obliged from the Iranian government

Information that can be useful

Notary publics who witness marriage and divorce are required to record, sign and seal all wedding, divorce, or annulment of divorce event that they record in the appropriate books on the couples’ identification cards, and record the marriage divorce, divorce, and revocation of divorce events already registered in their books. They must also fill out the appropriate forms. Then, they must deliver the documents at the civil registry office of their local department the maximum of once every fifteen days, and get receipts. Revocation, divorce, and marriage of divorce for the Iranian overseas should be documented in the appropriate books provided by the National Organization for Civil Registration to the consulate office. the consular office must register the marriages, divorces as well as revocation of divorce using the appropriate forms. These must be delivered directly to National Organization for Civil Registration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the least once a month.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The couple can add their names to the Iranian birth certificate, which is proof of their union
  • The couple can apply for a birth certificate of their future children

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