How To Register for Income Tax In Gabon

How To Register for Income Tax In Gabon

It is the obligation for all traders at beginning of each fiscal year to declare the tax-related items that allow tax authorities in Gabon to take tax deductions. Methods of determining tax that the group is charged should be specific and precise.

1.Tax registrations are made in tax centre Gabon Revenue Authority tax centre close to the office;

2.To apply for an income tax registration applicants must possess Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and, if the applicant does not have one, he/ must obtain one.

  • An Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an unique number that is generated randomly through a well-designed digitization system when you register with the tax authorities.
  • To obtain the number, visit any tax authority’s office to determine the criteria and procedure for getting one.

3.After having received Tax Identification Numbers the applicant is now able to start the registration process for income tax at the same office as mentioned above. This can be done through:

  • A person who is applying for tax should submit an application to the Gabon Revenue Authority to register for the tax of income.
  • The Authority is then required to make the applicant a part of the register of tax appreciation and issue a certificate for registration (Tax Registration Certificate

Documents Required Register for Income Tax

  • Filled and completed the income tax registration form
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Identification documents

Office Locations and Contacts

Gabon Revenue Authority

Direction Gnral des Impts du Gabon

Administration Head:


Directeur Gnral des Impts

Institution Address:

B.P. 37 or 45



Contact Details:

Phone:+241 0179 53 76 / 7


Ministry of Economy, Finance, Budget & Privatisation

Bote Postale 165,


Telephone : +241 (1) 763-763

Ministry of Trade & Industry

Bote Postale 3906,


Phone : +241(1) 722-887

Secretary of Small-Medium Sized Enterprises & industries

Bote Postale 3096,


Telephone: +241(1) 745-425

What Are All The Eligibility

Everyone living in Gabon who is over 18 years old and any company that receives earnings are required to pay tax on income.


  • Social Security contributions are charged at 20% of Salary Gross from Salary-earners.
  • Corporate income tax is charged at 35% of taxable profits.
  • Taxes on property at 25% of the net rental value
  • Municipal business tax is charged at Fixed rate and variable based on the amount of employees
  • Tax on infrastructure development payable at once, with a fee that are XAF 250,000 CAF
  • Tax on value added (VAT) value added 18 percentage
  • Tax on fuel is XAF 2.75 for each liter.
  • Stamp duty is charged are XAF 500 per sheet.
  • Tax on advertising at various rates


The tax on income is in effect for the entire year.

Processing Time

The process can take two days or less, if all required documents are received on time.


  • The tax is levied on the net income after an unconstitutional deduction for expenses.
  • They are due at close of the year. They are taxed on income from legal activities such as professional services at 3 percent for *commercial services, and 10% on commissions that are paid by commercial agent.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Birthplace/date/country/place of birth
  • The sources of income
  • The type of business activity
  • Tax agent
  • Referee
  • Stamp duty

Need to have the Document

  • Its tax structure in Gabon is divided into three parts: company tax, income taxes, payroll tax and sales tax. Knowing about these different components gives you an idea of the amount you’ll be paying throughout your stay. Gabonese taxes are usually variable and the figures listed below are merely averages. If you are looking to retain the majority of your earnings, you ought to think about employing a professional tax auditing firm to pay your tax on income in Gabon.
  • The income tax refers to a form of tax is assessed on profits or income from the tax payer. In Gabon everything regarding taxes, including the tax registration are handled by the Gabon Revenue Authority. Taxpayers who are registered throughout the world are divided into two groups. The smaller individual traders that are classified under the tax system of presumptive, and the large-sized traders who’s tax is imposed based on their annual earnings, which is determined by their audited financial statements.

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