How to Renew Your Passport In Iran

Renew Your Passport In Iran By Online

  • Collect all documents you’ll need for renewal of your passport.
  • Complete the application form Complete the application form.
  • Complete the form and submit it together with the other documents.
  • Make sure you pay all required passport renewal costs.

Required Documents For Renew Your Passport

  • Application form 111 must be completed, for the presence of the spouse and children of the applicant. The form has to be completed by the husband and to have the presence of his wife or the father to be children accompanying him in his passport, or the passport of their mother as well as signed by the father.
  • Original copy of birth certificate for those accompanying the traveler and a photocopy of each page on the document.
  • Two passport pictures of 3x4cm size at least 6 months. Front view, full face and open eyes, with plain white background and with no glasses, hat or neck scarfs. As per the regulations of the IRI the women who apply should wear head scarfs. It is important to be sure to write their personal information on the back of their passport photographs.
  • Photocopy of the residence permit card

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign AffairsAddress: Imam Khomeini Street in Tehran, Iran
Phone: 009821 61151
Fax: 009821 66743149

Iranian Missions Abroad


Iranian passports are able to renew in these circumstances:

  • The expiry date of the five or 10 years validity of the passport previously used
  • There are no more blank pages in the passport

The passport holder can provide the evidence of having registered under a different name either surname or of birth. In this the case, it is necessary to provide proof that passport holders Iranian Birth Certificate as well as “Shenasname” be shown.

The Document is required

  • Passports are a piece of paper issued by the nation’s government. It confirms the nationality and identity of the person who holds it for travel to other countries. It also contains details regarding the holder’s name as well as gender, date of birth and birthplace.
  • This document doesn’t alone grant the person who holds the passport the right to travel to another country, nor does it confer consular protection during travel, or any other rights. But, it usually permit the passport holder to go back to the nation in which the passport was issued.
  • The right to consular protection stems from international treaties, and the return of the holder to the country of issue is contingent on the laws in the country.
  • The following steps will show you how to renew your Iranian passport.

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