How to Register Still Birth In Belize

Register Still Birth In Belize By Online

  1. To record a stillbirth or stillbirth, the person attending to the birth is responsible for filling out the stillbirth notification form in two copies. The original form is handed to parents who witnessed the child’s death, and the second copy has to be handed over at the District Statistical Clerk for recording purposes and electronic data entry.
  2. The form that is completed is then sent on to the District The completed notification form is then forwarded to the District Statistical Clerk.

If you’re not in Belize

You can use the contact information that is listed under “Office Locations & Contacts” section to connect with the closest Embassy of Belize in the country in which you are in. The consular services section of the Embassy will be able to assist in the process of registering your still-birth in Belize.

Required Documents For Register Still Birth 

  • Form for Birth Notification that is completed

Office Locations and Contacts

Vital Statistics Unit
Belmopan Hospital, Belmopan City
New Road and Hydes Lane, Belize City
Tel: +(501)-223-5625/ 7405
Fax: +(501)-223-5635

Belize Consulates and Embassies Abroad

How to Register Still Birth In Belize
How to Register Still Birth In Belize


The parents of the child are the ones accountable to register the child.


There is no charge for registration.


A stillbirth notification form is sent by the parents in case of baby’s death when it occurs in the event that the fetal demise has been completed for 22 or more weeks of gestation or birth weight of more over 500 grams.

Information that can be useful

Still births refers to the death that occurs prior to total removal or expulsion from the mother of a baby born from human conception that is equal or greater than 22 weeks gestation (WHO and ICD 10 Code cut off point) and that does not represent an induced premature termination. The cause of death is the fact that, following an extraction or expulsion the fetus doesn’t breathe, or exhibit any other sign of life, for example, heartbeat or pulsation of the umbilical cord and definite movements of muscles that are voluntary. Heartbeats must be distinguished from temporary heart contractions. Respiration is distinct from sporadic respiratory attempts or gasps.

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