How to Renew Dealers Plate License In Uganda

Renew Dealers Plate License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. Go to at the Uganda tax authority (URA) local office and provide the required documents and the suggested renewal licence fee.
  2. Contact the customer service desk to ask for an application form. Fill it in precisely.
  3. Complete the completed form which you will receive an invoice head for fees to the bank that you wish to use (the bank will issue you your URA Account number) Make the fees for your licence payment, and you will receive an invoice from the bank for payment.
  4. Return to the URA office to the bank. If all payments are made , you will be issued the licenses within 2 working days

Application for online use

  1. Go to the URA website portaland login into your account on TIN by using the TIN and password.
  2. Under the e-services section, Point on Motor Vehicles registration, then click on dealer’s License (DL) application from an expanded menu.
  3. Open DL Details Page select renewal of the Dealer’s license and complete the mandatory fields. Select the attachments, then go to the page for payment registration and choose the subhead and head of payment and click on add.
  4. Choose the bank and method of payment, then submit.
  5. Once you have submitted the form, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email. Scroll down and print your receipt. fill out the form and print the payment slip.
  6. Pay your bills in the chosen bank and then submit the request to Licensing Office for approval. Attach attachments.
  7. The license will be given to you the license from the authority that licenses you in 2 days.

Required Documents For Renew Dealers Plate License

  1. Forms of application that have been that are stamped and signed if they’re an enterprise
  2. Slip of payment to the bank
  3. Identification document (ID card)

Office Locations and Contacts

Telefon (0417) 442054 or 442055 or 443150.
Fax: (0414)334419
Web portal: URA
URA Toll-free Helpline 0800117000

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) branch offices:
branches offices


  • All Uganda motorist with a license plate for dealers that were registered with Uganda revenue authority. Uganda revenue authority


  • Renew Dealer plate licences : 218,000


  • One year

Processing Time

  • within 2 business days



  • This service is only available to those with dealer’s licenses

The Information You Need

  1. The full name of the person applying
  2. Registration number of the vehicle
  3. Date of issue for the current licenses

The Document is required

Every person who holds dealer plate licence in Uganda must renewal their licenses in a years from when they made the application , so that they can benefit from the privilege of having an unique identification number plate that is issued to a specific vehicle

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