How to Renew Labour Record Book In Uruguay

Renew Labour Record Book In Uruguay By Online

  1. Buy an Book of Job Record or Labour Record Book.
  2. Then, submit this to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to register.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Labour and Social SecurityGeneral Inspectorate of Social Security and Labour
In Montevideo
Ministry of Labour and Social Security,
Citizen Service Center, CAC
Juncal No. 1511 Ground Floor Office hours are Monday through Friday between 09:15 and 16 hours (numbers are delivered up to 15 hours).)
Contact telephones : – 2915 2020 1422 Int


All companies operating in Uruguay.


There is no charge for renewal of a book for labour records.


  • If the business has one Workbook which was that was registered prior to the date of entry into the force of Decree 108/2007 provide the Division Controller with the information to be approved.
  • Registration deadline is 10 calendar days after the start of the event.
  • The company has to write in the books the following details:
  • ahead, changes to schedules, and shift workers
  • the hours that are in excess of the normal working hours
  • the daily schedule of workers whose work, due to the nature of their job cannot be establish the beginning and time for the day.
  • workplace accidents that are chronologically sorted and then successively with the same date, date of injury or injury, a brief details of the incident or actions used to prevent them, needing to report the incident within 24 hours of incident.

Required Document For Renew Labour Record Book  

Here are the steps for renewing the labor record books in Uruguay. It is the Book of Job Registration must be renewed once its pages are fully completed and in the event of its destruction or loss the process of submitting a complaints.

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