How to Renew of a Research Permit for Mineral Substance In Benin

Renew of a Research Permit for Mineral Substance In Benin By Yourself

  1. The applicant who is eligible should make a visit to The Ministry of Water and Mines MEM General Directorate of Mines office For office locations and contact information, click here for contact information.
  2. Make your intentions known to the MEM receptionistor secretariat front desk. Collect all necessary forms for application and fill them in accurately.
  3. Complete the forms and submit them together with the accompanying documents as listed in the section on required documents below, to the MEM receptionistor secretariat, to be recorded and registered and receive an acknowledgement slip.
  4. The file you submit will be sent directly to the General Directorate of Mines office to be evaluated by the department in charge that will then conduct an investigation into the effects the research may impact on the environment as well as the local population. It will also submit its findings to the interministerial panel that will be convened to assess the viability of the service requested.
  5. In the event that the commission finds the research continues to be beneficial and caused any significant environmental damage and for the local population the permit for research is renewed and will be granted to the person who applied within two months, based on the acknowledgement slip and identification certificate.

Required Documents For Renew of a Research Permit for Mineral Substance 

  • A renewal request sent to the Minister responsible of mines.
  • A duplicate of the researcher’s permit
  • Copy of the previous balance sheet;
  • A tax document that has been issued for less than three monthsago;
  • A non-bankruptcy certificate that is that is less than three months old;
  • A comprehensive report of the work that has been completed, describing the areas being covered and the areas to be covered;
  • A map of the area impacted by the permit on the biggest possible scale
  • A receipt of payment for fixed duty due towards Treasury. Public Treasury.


  • The file is made available as 5 (05) copies that include the original copy.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and Mines MEM
General Directorate of Mines
Address: ADJIBI building, Boulevard Saint Michel de Cotonou
Tel: +229 21 32 22 73
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday – Morning: 08h00hrs-12h30hrs ;

Evening: 15h00hrs-18h30hrs


  • Anyone, legal or not, who wants extend their search permit in order to continue to look for a specific mineral in a particular region.


  • Processing fee: 7,000,000 FCFA


  • The permit is able to be renewed twice in a span of 3 years per

Processing Time

  • The processing fee will be paid within two months.

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying/researching
  • Contact details
  • Mineral substance that you would like to conduct to study
  • The area in which research will take place.
  • Research duration
  • The minimal amount of financial benefit that the applicant agrees to put into his/her job.
  • Description of borders of the perimeter, as well as the date of the installation when a landmark is employed.
  • The overall plan and the probable sequence of research to be carried out.
  • Justifications for renewing the permit

Documentation is needed

  • The research permit for mineral substances are legal documents granted to a legal entity or a business/company through the department of mines and water, giving the researcher the authority to look for the mineral substance within an area.
  • The permit must be renewed in order to continue to prospect of finding the mineral substance.

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    How to Renew of a Research Permit for Mineral Substance In Benin

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