How to Renew of Importer Card In Benin

Renew of Importer Card In Benin By Online

  1. It is recommended to visit the general tax management office, the estate service cashier and buy the tax stamp at the cashier for a fee that is 1000 CFA. Note: Tax stamps are also available at other tax centers in Benin.
  2. Go for your Ministry of Industry and Commerce office, Trade and Regulatory Service (Importer Card) Office and;
    • Complete the forms you require and fill themin;
    • Pay for all the necessary payments required to process the card at the cashier’s desk at which point you will receive a payment receipts DGCI.
    • Attach all documents required (listed below under the required documents section) Attach all the required documents (listed below under required documents section)
    • File the application for be reviewed and recorded by the personnel who will be in charge. get the receipt of the treasure slip.
  3. The application file will be sent to the Director of the Trade and Regulatory Service (Importer Card) Office for further assessment approval, and signature.
  4. After processing, which takes two to four days, the card will be issued for applicants in the Trade and Regulatory Service office at the front desk.
  5. Visit this office using the National identity card as well as your returned treasure slip to take the Importer card when you have paid the Import card’s cost.

NOTE:The original supporting documents will be returned to the applicant after the conclusion of the processing time.

Required Documents For Renew of Importer Card 

  • Information sheet (DGCE) (2 originals copies) 
  • Tax stamp
  • flaps of cardboard folders
  • Certificate of license for current year (Original and a simple copy)
  • Receipt of the payment for CCIB contribution for current year (original and a simple copy)
  • IFU Registration certificate (original and simple copy)
  • A copy of the register for trade as well as the credit for property in case of modification (original and simple copy)
  • 2 ID photo ID with a photo of the identity
  • An old importer’s card (original and a simple copy)
  • Residence permit for foreign nationals (original and simple copy)
  • Permission to practise (simple duplicate) in relation to an event that is subject to certain regulations.
  • Prove receipt of payment DGCI.
  • National identity card
  • Extract of criminal record (original and basic copies) not more than three months
  • IS OR IRRP Receipt for current calendar year (simple copy)
  • Statutes that are registered for tax purposes only for businesses (simple copy)
  • Checks that are certified for petroleum products distributors (original)


  • You may provide your GST payment receipt to replace the IS the IRPP or IS receipt as well as the license as it considers both.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Management of Taxes
Contact: Airport road, Cotonou 01
BP 369
Tel: +229 21 30 50 42 / +229 21 30 35 42

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Trade and Regulatory Service (Importer Card)Office
Address: Route de l’Aeoroport, Cotonou
BP 363
Tel: +229 21 30 76 45 / +229 21 30 76 47


  • Companies/establishment and sole proprietorship that wish to renew their importer card


Legal costs

  • Cost of fiscal stamps CFA 1000
  • Cost of issuing an importer card – 5,000 CFA

Processing Time

  • The processing process takes two to four days

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • Establishment/companies residential address
  • The details of an old importer card
  • The details of your national identity card
  • IFU registration certificate details
  • Declaration

The Document is required

  • Importer card is issued to Companies/establishment and sole proprietorship that involve in importing/exporting activities to/from the republic of Benin.
  • These individuals and businesses have to renew their registration as an importer card in order to keep the benefits of being registered.

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