How To Renew or Replace a Drivers License In Georgia

How To Renew or Replace a Drivers License In Georgia

  • Take all the documents you’ll have to provide or submit to get an updated license.
  • Apply for a job.
  • Fill out the form with any other necessary documents.
  • Pay the amount.

Documents Required Renew or Replace a Drivers License

  • Formulary for Application (to be filled out in the Service Agency);
  • ID card;
  • The driving licence is subject to change.
  • Certificate of health (Form IV-100/a);
  • Receipt for confirmation of payment of cost (fee of 15 GEL).

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Internal AffairsAddress: Kakheti Highway 38 km.
Reception: (+995 32) 274 62 50
Phone Numbers

Service Agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
Address : Tbilisi-Rustavi Khidis Highway 21 kilometers
Hotline : +99532 241 91 991
Ministry of Internal Affairs Web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

What Are All The Eligibility

Reasons to replace the driver’s licence:

  • A request is made by the holder of a driver’s license
  • Issue of a national driving license in accordance with the driving license issued by a country other than the one in which it is;
  • Driving license expiration;
  • Driving licenses damaged;
  • Correction of data on driving licenses or correction of incorrect information;
  • Registration records are changed in the driving license register, or correction of errors;
  • Incongruity of data on driving licenses to registration records in the driving license registers;
  • Other situations that are considered by law.


Driving license cost 15 GEL


  • Licenses under the A B, T S, BE A1 and B1 categories and subcategories have a validity of 15 years and licenses issued under categories C, CE, D, DE, C1, C1E, D1, or tram categories last for five years. The period of validity for an international driving permits is three years.
  • The validity of the license is extended after the time period. is over, the changing of driving licenses is not required to pass a test, however the license holder has to present the Health document (form IV-100/a).


Categories of Driving Licenses issued in Georgia

Documentation is needed

  • Driving licenses are an official document that states that one is allowed to drive any motorized vehicle for example, a motorbike or truck, car or a bus on public roads. It also serves as proof of identity and evidence of the ages of the person.
  • Here are the steps on how to renew or replace your drivers license for Georgia

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