How to Renew Registration as an Importer of Animal feeds In Ivory Coast

Renew Registration as an Importer of Animal feeds In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • For companies with a base in Abidjan the applicants must visit Abidjan’s Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resources (MIRAH), Department of Animal Nutrition and Management of the Pastoral Space (DNAGEP) office. Companies that are located outside Abidjan must visit the appropriate office in your prefecture and indicate your desire to be considered.
  • Request a registration form at the registration/service desk. complete it in a precise manner.
  • Make the necessary processing charges in cash at the counter, after which you’ll be issued with an invoice.
  • Send the completed form and documentation supporting it to an official to be verified.
  • The Department of Veterinary Services (DSV) will send inspectors on the site for an inspection to examine whether proper storage facilities, distribution and safety equipment, ventilation, and employees are using the correct equipment/knowledge etc.) Are they in compliance with the law.
  • An exact copy of report findings will be provided to applicants and should any modifications or upgrade is required, Corrective Action and Preventive Action Report (CAPA) report will be issued and you will have to correct the issue.
  • After the successful implementation of the CAPA A follow-up inspection could be carried out by the inspection team in order to determine the efficacy of the implementation (where appropriate) as well as you’ll receive your Veterinary Inspection Certificate.
  • If the authorized official/register is has been satisfied that all requirements to file the application have been satisfied, you will be informed of the result via email or by phone and issued with the renewal importer’s authorization certificate for animal feeds.
  • The list of candidates approved will be published by the Inter-ministerial Decrees each year.

Required Documents For Renew Registration as an Importer of Animal feeds

  • Handwritten request to the attention to the President Approval Commission – District of Abidjan).
  • A valid Identity Card (Identity Card or Residence Card).
  • Certificate of the Location of the Place where exercise is conducted (by the Town Hall of the municipality in question).
  • Inspection certificate and against inspection using the manager’s pulmonary radio.
  • An official Copy of License for the year preceding.
  • The Professional Card that is issued by MIRAH in the first instance of a request.
  • 4 Photos of the manager’s identity.
  • Employees’ names on lists.
  • Certificate of inspection and monitoring for employees and the pulmonary radio.
  • The file of the person who is in charge of or managing the business, including all documents listed above.
  • Certificate of non-bankruptcy (Commercial Tribunal of location of residence).
  • Certificate of fiscal regularity (Tax Service of the Municipality).
  • The Veterinary Inspection Certification (Veterinary Inspection Service).
  • The Receipt of Payment for fees related to the file of application to the Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resources.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resources (MIRAH)
address: Abidjan – Plateau, CAISTAB building 11th floor
BP V 84 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
Tel: (+ 225) 20 22 69 77 / (+225) 20 21 40 16
website: Link
Directorate of Veterinary Services (DSV)
Abidjan Plateau Plateau
The address is: Cite Administrative Tower C 11th floor
Tel: (+225) 20 21 89 72


  • Importers (individuals/businesses/companies) who wish to renew their authorization certificate as importers of animal feeds


  • You can consult the ministry


It is good for one calendar year and can be renewed after that

The Information You Need

Applicant details

  • Full names
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Addresses for postal mail
  • Email address
  • Declaration

Information on the facility

  • Name of the business
  • Information on employees
  • Physical location of the facility (land markings/GPS addresses)
  • Information about the manager (name and position, as well as the telephone No.)
  • Information about branches, if they exist
  • The expired certificate of authorization for importers

Need to have the Document

  • Importers (individuals/businesses/companies) that wish to import animal feeds products intended for animal consumption are required to be registered and obtain authorization certificate for import of animal feeds issued by the Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resources (MIRAH)

Such Companies/business/person that are registered with the Ministry of Animal and Fisheries Resource (MIRAH)/ must renew their registration certificate as importers to keep enjoying the incentives that come with registration.

External Links

Link (Ministry of Resources for Fisheries and Animals)



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