How to Renew Rural Stage Carriage Licence In Jamaica

Renew Rural Stage Carriage Licence In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You must submit an online application to the Transport Authority to renew your Rural Stage Carriage License. You can view the contact information for Transport Authority (TA) via this link: Link
  2. Visit Link to submit your application for TA through their online portal.
  3. Register users can login by entering their email address and password. If you don’t already have an account click “Register Now”. Enter your email address on the next page and click “Submit”. You will receive an email notification informing that your account has been created.
  4. Click on the link form TA from your email account to go to the TA Online Registration Form. Fill in all required information and create an account.
  5. After your account has been successfully created, you will return to the log in page. Here you can sign in using your registered email address.
  6. After logging in, click “Submit Application” on the next page. Select the type of application you want to submit as “Renew” along with the location where you will collect the license. Click on “Next”
  7. Enter the road number, select “Rural Stage Carriage”, and then click on the next button to go to the next page.
  8. Fill in the required fields regarding your vehicle and license information. Next, scan and upload any required documents. Finally, click “Add to Cart” to be taken to the application cart page and payment page.
  9. Click on “checkout” to go to the payment page. Review your order and confirm it. You will be able to make payment online and receive confirmation emails.
  10. Once the license has been issued for collection, print the confirmation report and bring it to the office. This normally takes 3 working days.

Required Documents For Renew Rural Stage Carriage Licence

  • Current motor vehicle registration certificate
  • Current certificate of fitness
  • Number of tax payer registration (TRN).
  • Current PPV Insurance
  • Current/old License
  • Identification document (Driver’s licence, Voters ID, or Passport).
  • Transport Authority motor vehicle inspection list
  • Tax office receipts for one-hundred dollars

If the vehicle is registered to a business

  • Memorandum of Association and Article
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • All directors need a police record
  • Certificate of compliance with tax

All documents must be scanned

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Transport Authority Head officeAddress : Corporate Office, 119 Maxfield Avenue Kingston 10.
Tel. 876-926-88912, 876-908-19197-8 or 876-926-551
Email: Link
Contact information and details for other branches: Link


  • Rural Stage Carriage License Holders


  • $3000 per Seat
  • 10500 Inspection
  • When you submit your application, please refer to the payment section for details about the fees.


  • The Rural Stage Carriage License lasts for four years

Processing Time

  • 3 working days


  • Stage Carriages are required to display at the vehicle’s front and back the origin and destination of their route. A Stage Carriage license holder may also use the vehicle as a Contract or Express Carriage.

Requirements Information

  • Vehicles details
  • Owners details
  • Details about conductors or drivers
  • Information about the route

You will need the document

  • Rural stage carriage licenses allow the vehicle to transport passengers for hire or reward at separate fares. The vehicle travels stage-by-stage along a route and stops at designated stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

External Link

  • Transport Authority: Link



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