How to Renounce Your ian Nationality In Iran

Renounce Your ian Nationality In Iran By Online

  • Take all the documents you’ll need to submit to get rid of the Iranian nationality.
  • Complete all of the required forms.
  • Send in the signed and completed forms along with all other documents required.
  • Make sure you pay all fees necessary.

Required Documents For Renounce Your ian Nationality

  • Three (3) copies of the form for application to abjure Iranian nationality, which must be filled in and signed by the person applying.
  • If appropriate, three copies of the for renunciation of Iranian nationality, filled in and signed by the spouse of the applicant.
  • Tax forms that are completed and signed, bank note of acknowledgement.
  • If appropriate, tax instalments, customs and a banking note of acknowledgment that is signed by the spouse of the applicant.
  • A signed and filled-in version of the questionnaire for Renunciation of Nationality. The spouse of the applicant will be required to fill out the same form.
  • Thirteen (15) 6-by-4-cm ID pictures of the person applying (along and negatives) not more than six months old. (Full face with front view white background, clear eyes, not wearing a cap, glasses or neck scarfs, with the possible exception of hijab or headscarves on women). The applicant should remember to add their personal details on the back of all photo.
  • Eight (8) 6x4cm photo IDs of the profile of the person applying, with negatives in the same condition as mentioned above.
  • Thirteen (15) photos of a group of the applicant’s spouse and children, who are planning to give up their nationality. (Including negatives)
  • Original Iranian Birth Certificate (Shenasname) of the applicant as well as spouse or children (under 25 years old)) as well as seven photocopies of all of the completed pages inside the document.
  • Original copy, as well as 2 photocopies of the certificate of termination or Exemption from Conscription to Military Service.
  • The spouse and the applicant’s Iranian passports along with two copies of each section of travel documents.
  • Two (2) copies of the fingerprints of the applicant, the spouse of the applicant and both of their children(above 15 years old).
  • An official State letter of Acceptance and an approval from the nation whose nationality the applicant would like to obtain as well as a photocopy the document.
  • Bank receipt to confirm the transfer of fees for confirmation and approval of 3 copies of applications for each individual, and three copies of the forms of the spouse. (In local currency)
  • An additional bank statement is issued for the transfer of the validation fees for the applicant and their spouses acknowledgment letters.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign AffairsAddress: Imam Khomeini Street Tehran, Iran
Phone: 009821 61151
Fax: 009821 66743149

Iranian Missions Abroad


In Article 988, the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that Iranian nationals aren’t able to abandon their citizenship, unless they fulfill the following circumstances:

  • The applicant is at the age of 25.
  • The Council of Ministers has allowed the applicant to deny his Iranian nationality.
  • The applicant previously agreed to transfer within a year following the abdication of Iranian nationality by any methods, the rights they own or might be granted through inheritance on land in Iran or elsewhere, into Iranian Nationals (Even if Iranian laws have permitted the ownership of similar properties by foreign citizens). The spouse as well as the children of the one who has renounced their nationality in accordance with the Article, do not forfeit their Iranian nationality, no matter if they are adults or minors in the event that the Council of Ministers allows them to abstain from their nationality.
  • The applicant has completed their military service in the national army.


  • People who wish to disband their Iranian nationality under Article 988 and opt for an international national must, in addition to observing the conditions in the Clause 3 in the article, depart from Iran within 3 months. If they do not comply the appropriate authorities can issue Deportation Orders to expel them and for the sale of their homes. The time period mentioned above for grace is in accordance with approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs up to a maximum time that is one calendar year.

It is possible that the Council of Minister may, during the process of applauding the renunciation of nationality by an not-married Iranian woman also be in favor of the decision to renounce the nation of her children in the event that they do not have their paternal grandfather or father and are not over 18 years old or have no legal capacity. Additionally, her children who are who are younger than 25 can give up their nationality as per their mothers ‘ request to abjure her Iranian nationality.

Documents to Utilize

Questionnaire to Renounce Iranian Nationality

The document is needed

  • Nationality is the bond between an individual and a state , or an group of states. Possession of nationality/citizenship is normally associated with the right to work and live in a country and to participate in political life. Naturalization is the process to gain a nationality that is different from the country of origin.
  • Here are the steps on how to renounce your Iranian nationality.

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