How to Renewal of a mining Lease In Uganda

Renewal of a mining Lease In Uganda By Online

  1. A holder of a mining permit should submit a request for the office of chief administrator in the district within 30 days to request the renewing of their license.
  2. A request for renewal of the mining lease in accordance with Section 47 under the Act must be submitted to the commissioner on Form X.
  3. The application must be accompanied by a prescribed cost for all or a portion of the area of license.
  4. The application for renewal of a mining license must be submitted at least one year prior to the expiration date of the mining license.
  5. The application for renewal of a mining permit should contain the necessary information and be accompanied by any applicable mineral rents and documents.
  6. A request for renewal of an existing mining lease that is received by the Commissioner within the time of expiration of the lease will not be taken into consideration.
  7. When the holder of the lease filed an application for renewal of the lease but has not received notice that the lease was renewed prior to the date that the lease is due to expire, the owner of the lease can continue with his mining operations up to the point that they are they are notified.
  8. If the renewal request is denied The Commissioner can extend the lease for not exceeding eight months , subject to the installment of the mineral rent for the extended period at a rate of 10 points of exchange per month.

Required Documents For Renewal of a mining Lease

  • A programme of mining operations that will be completed during the renewal period.
  • A map of the area for which renewal of the mining licence is sought, comprising any or all of the contiguous blocks within the area of mining license.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment licence a social heritage assessment, and an environmental management plans in relation to of the proposed proposals of the applicant in the case of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act.
  • Additional documents that the Cabinet Secretary could decide to.

Office Locations and Contact

Directorate of Geological Survey and MinesAddress:Plot 21-29, Johnstone Road
Address:P.O. Box 9,Entebbe,Uganda
Phone:+256 414 320656,+256 312 262902
Web site: director of Geological survey and Mines

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
Amber House, Lot 29/33, Kampala Road
P.O.B Kampala,Uganda
Telephone : +256 414 344 414
Fax +256 414 234-732 +256 414 220
Web site: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development


  • The lease has been performed satisfactorily for the preceding period.
  • The application must be submitted in writing to the commissioner.


  • Application Fee There is no fee
  • License Fee:
    • Annual rental of Ugshs. 5000/= per hectare or a part of it.
    • Registration fee and renewal of lease Ugshs. 50,000/=


Valid for one year.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

Maximum processing 1- 3 weeks.


Contact: Commissioner of Mines & Geology, Chief Mining Engineer, and Warden of Mines.
Resolution Criteria:

  • Satisfied with expectations
  • Rent payment for the year as well as renewal or registration fees.
  • The renewal document and the duplicate is used for stamp duty, which is at the expense of the lessor prior to the registration.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • The nationality of the applicant(s)
  • Address in Uganda at which notices etc., can be served
  • Number(s) that applicants have provided location(s) and the district of registration
  • Financial statements
  • Memorandum , articles and bylaws
  • Area
  • The type of mining lease and the mineral to be mined desired term
  • Date
  • The signature of the person applying

Documentation is needed

  • An Mining Lease is issued to the holder of any prospecting rights and confers the lessee with the right to mine deposits within the area of the lease. This includes the right to take away from the mineral deposits according to the lease.
  • A process for renewing or the duration of mining leases upon its expiration

Information that can be useful

  • The Commissioner as well as without limit any other right, power or authority granted to him by the Mining Act may
  • renewal of any lease except one that is a special lease, for the duration that is not more than a year, and and subject to the conditions and terms, according to his discretion:
  • If the lease is renewed, in the event of any renewal, the rent will not be raised; or a part of it remits any or all of the conditions or terms in any lease if there are circumstances that the lessee believes that the compliance with them would be difficult or would cause great hardship caused to the lessee
  • extend the time for the lessee for the purpose of observing or fulfilling all or some of the conditions and terms that are part of any lease based on the terms and conditions the lessee may deem appropriate.
  • agree regardless of whether it is in relation to renewing or re-granting of any lease, or not, the abandonment of any lease or portion of the land comprised in it on any terms and conditions the leaseholder may deem appropriate:
  • However, no surrender will affect any obligation levied by the lessee prior to the surrender has taken effect.

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