How to Renewal of Police Certificate of Good Conduct In Uganda

Renewal of Police Certificate of Good Conduct In Uganda By Online

  1. A good conduct certificate expires 6 months after the date of the issue. Anyone who wants to renew the certificate must follow the same procedure as seeking a new one.
  2. Anyone who is looking to renew their certificate that is not yet expired due to any reasons, must seek assistance from the official responsible for finger-prints in the shed’s entrance. doorway.
    • The recommendation will pertain to whether an applicant needs to be subject to a second fingerprint test or not.
  3. Anyone (Ugandan or a foreign national) who lives outside Uganda who would like to renew of a certificate of good conduct can visit a police station within the nation of their current residence.
  4. He/she should inform the Police that they would like to seek an official certificate of good conduct issued by Uganda Police, then request Police to collect and confirm the fingerprints of the applicant.
  5. After receiving the fingerprints, the applicant must submit them along with the other documents to the Head of National Central Bureau of INTERPOL, Kampala Uganda
  6. Police certificates of good conduct will be available for collection 7-14 days from the date of submission. This is, if all other documentation are acceptable to the official in charge of the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL in Uganda.

Required Documents For Renewal of Police Certificate of Good Conduct

  • The cost of a Proof of Application
  • Two Passport size photos
  • A photocopy of your National ID
  • Copy of Passport (Bio-data page)(in the case of a foreigner)

Office Locations and Contacts

Chief of National Central Bureau of INTERPOL, KampalaDirectorate of INTERPOL and International Relations.
Plot 12 Mabua Road, Kololo.
P.O.Box 34203,Kampala Uganda.
Tel: +(256)-4-114-500-698
Fax +(256)-414 500-696
www.Uganda Police Force

Uganda Police Force Headquarters:
P.O.BOX 7010 Kampala Uganda,
Katalima Road, Naguru
Tel: (256) 414-233-814/
Tel:( +256) 414-250-613
Emergency: 999/112
Fax: (256) 414-255-630
www.Uganda Police Force


  • Any group, company or organization, school or any other institution or individual who can apply for renewal of a good police document of conduct.


Renewal Fees Accepted in the name of the federal government

  • Revenue from the government – Paid to Banks:
  • A certificate of conduct. 48,000
  • Finger print screening Ugshs.7,000
  • Banking Charges Ugshs. 3,300
  • Subtotals in the Bank Ugshs.58,300
  • Administrative fees – Paid by the Revenue Collection Office at INTERPOL Headquarters . Receipts are issued:
  • Certificate officer allowance of 3,000 shillings
  • Fingerprint allowance for officers Ugshs 3000
  • Subtotals are paid in office Ugshs 6,600

Total Ugshs 64,300


  • It is valid for 6 months.

Processing Time

  • Maximum Processing Time 7-14 Days


  • Group, school or other institution Candidates are advised obtain the certificates of their good conduct within fourteen working days (excluding Sundays, Saturdays, and public Holidays).

Requirements Information

  1. Renewal of certificates for good behavior are given according to the First Come First Serve Principle.
  • The applicants who apply first will receive their documents before applicants who apply following them.


  • Renewal cases that require urgent action must be legitimate and may only be approved by the director of INTERPOL &International Relations
  • Candidates with genuine urgent situations need to provide authentic documents.
  1. The application will not be accepted by agents or middlemen. be allowed to participate in the procedure. Also, this is to inform that any cost that are incurred by applicants outside of those specified by the rules are not the responsibility for the Directorate of INTERPOL and International Relations.
  2. Middlemen, fakes, or other suspicious characters do not affect the NCB’s work in any way , form or shape and may be detained and prosecuted in the event that they interfere with the process of the ability to screen applicants for Police Certificates of Good Conduct.

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