How to Renewal of Radio Commercial Broadcasting License-FM In Uganda

Renewal of Radio Commercial Broadcasting License-FM In Uganda By Online

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is mandated by law to license every broadcasting provider in line to section 5 in the Uganda Communications Act 2013.

  1. The renewal application of a commercial broadcasting license for radio is made by filling out the prescribed form for renewal of the broadcasting license and in line with guidelines for the application of commercial broadcasting services provided from the commission.This application form as well as the rules are on the site of the commission to download to download for free.
  2. When you download The Application form, complete it and send to the Commission the completed application form along with any supporting documents required according to the requirements in the form.And is required to be supported by the following documents.
    • Tax-free income clearance by Uganda revenue Authority.
    • A copy of the prior Broadcasting Licence certificate and a receipt.
  3. The officer receiving the application will examine the completeness of the application to make sure it meets renewal licensing specifications and then accept your application in the manner you received it.
  4. The cashier will provide you with a payment Instruction Form that the cashier will utilize to take payment of the required application fees.Once payment has been received the Register of information of your application will be changed to reflect the application.
  5. The officer who received the application will forward the completed application and documents supporting it to the next level of review for additional examination in order to confirm that the submission is compliant with all specifications.
  6. Evaluation team Evaluation team will create an evaluation report and then present the report for the UCC Communications Licensing Committee (CLC) to be considered further.
  7. When an application has been considered satisfactory by UCC upon the basis of its evaluation report, and the recommendations or decline to recommend the application for renewal of the Licence The Commission will, as per the CLC decision, perform the following functions:
    • If the application isn’t considered to be suitable for renewal of a license, an official communication is prepared informing the applicant as to why that the application did not succeed and the criteria for application to be further processed, if necessary; and
    • when the application is to be considered to renew a license when the procedure of gazing the application must begin
    • If the CLC(communication Licensing Committee ) directs the application is subject to additional processes before being approved for licensing The applicant will be updated as needed.
  8. In the case of an approved renewal request the commission will consider a renewal application only in the event that the person who is applying for FM station is in compliance with all the following conditions:
    • Have a valid broadcasting licence issued by UCC before the renewal.
    • Was in compliance with frequencies authorization terms and conditions.
    • Has expressed interest in renewing by writing in accordance with the section 8(i) of the regulation on telecommunications (radio) regulation of 2005.
  9. The commission will issue a renewed radio broadcasting license after an inspection conducted by the Commission following the payment of all due fees and charges to UCC.

It is subject to the fact that there isn’t any change in Government Policy as well as and the National Table of Frequency Allocation, or the frequency band plan for any of broadcasting operations or services.

Notification:Application form for renewal of Radio Commercial broadcast Licence FM must be filled out by the owner of the radio.

Required Documents For Renewal of Radio Commercial Broadcasting License-FM

Documents like these must be maintained and made accessible and readily available on the station’s premises to be inspected and verified through UCC.

  • A copy of the expired certificate for license issued by UCC;
  • old instruction manuals of service to help technicians complete the necessary re-installation operations and maintenance on equipment and transmitters;
  • the previous log book of maintenance and operational book which includes the operational performance, maintenance work and any modifications to transmission equipment in maintenance or re-installations during the past time frame;
  • Certificates of Type approval granted through UCC in respect of FM broadcast transmitters and STL equipment (as relevant) and bandpass filter as applicable; and
  • A copy of an electric installation authorization certificate issued by UMEME Ltd/ other electricity distribution licenses issued through the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) for the station’s premises along with the facility for transmission.

Business Plan

  • Business goals.
  • Concept of business (business and product description geography, customer and business description etc.).
  • Economic, financial, and market analysis (with suggested prices for the initial period and cash flow statements for the previous period).
  • The evidence of capital (bank deposits and credit facilities, as well as audited statements for the last fiscal year(s)).
  • Operational agreements (human resource plan Customer service plan, customer service plan, support agreements).

Company profile

  • The nature and structure that the applicant is a part of (a subsidiary, affiliated companies or joint ventures).
  • A certified duplicate of the certificate that confirms the Incorporation for the business in Uganda.
  • A certified copy of the certificate of registration (if not registered with Uganda).
  • A certified duplicate of Memorandum as well as Articles of Association.

Application for technical purposes

  • An in-depth description of the proposed infrastructure projects, including the the technology that will be employed and the capacities that will be built (in switches and transmission systems) and illustrated with a network diagram in case it differs from the previous.
  • Facilities/infrastructure sharing initiatives taken or planned leasing from other licensed providers.
  • Plan to roll out.
  • Essential resource/ facilities requirements.
  • Interconnection interface arrangements/requirements.
  • Plan for disaster recovery.
  • Demonstration and demonstration of technical knowledge.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Communications Commission
Plot 42-44 Spring route, Bugolobi
P.O. Postal Box 7276 Kampala, Uganda
+256 414 339000/ 312 339000
Toll Free 0800133911
Contact Email:


Anyone person(s) or business organizations, societies, and partnerships that are registered in Uganda may apply for renewal of a Radio Broadcasting License. However the political parties, movements and human rights activists are not eligible to apply for an broadcasting license.


  • Application Fee (UShs.) (payable upon submitting renewal application for), Ugsh. 500,000.
  • The Initial License Fee (UShs.) (payable upon approval and prior to the issuance of the license) Ugsh. 9.400,000 (Commercial Radio Stations)


Validity: 2 years

Examples of Documents

Renewal Application Form

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 30 Working days.

Requirements Information

  • Name of Station
  • Name of the applicant
  • Frequency
  • The maximum power of the the transmitter
  • Transmitter Location
  • Studio Location
  • District of operation
  • Postal Address
  • Years of operation
  • The date for expiration of the broadcast license.
  • Name(s) along with Nationalities of Directors
  • Contacts of the entity applying
  • telephone number
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Licence details
  • Type of License.
  • Give your name and the area(s) you would like to broadcast in should it differ from the prior.
  • The language of broadcasting service.
  • The name of the broadcasting service is the station.
  • The status of the previous application. (Approved or rejected , or suspended)
  • If any of the partnersor directors/ shareholders has an interest beneficial to any other company licensed to operate or provide broadcasting or telecommunication services.
  • If any prior license you were granted under the law was changed, cancelled or suspended.
  • Referees details

Information that could be helpful

As per the rules of the statutory instrument of the Uganda Communications Act It is unlawful to offer any broadcasting services in Uganda without the approval of a license. Infractions to this law can result in an amount of fine not exceeding Ugshs. 10,000,000 or the possibility of imprisonment up to a time that is not more than three years or both.

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