How to Replace a Certificate of Title In Uganda

Replace a Certificate of Title In Uganda By Online

  • If a duplicate(owners)certificate of title is lost or destroyed or becomes obliterated, persons with knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the said certificate may make a statutory declaration stating the facts, particulars of all encumbrances affecting the land title to the best of the declarant’s knowledge and belief.
  • The first step is for the individual looking to apply via a formal letter to the Registrar. Included is an official declaration stating details about the missing certificate, including the date it was issued, when you last saw it, and how it could have gone missing.
  • When the Registrar has been pleased with the veracity of the statement, a notice will be made public within the Uganda gazette to announce the intention of the Registrar to issue a certificate, if there is no objection filed within 30 days.
  • If no objections are raised If no objection is raised, the registry will issue an official certificate of title upon the payment of the applicable costs as well as stamp duty.

Required Documents For Replace a Certificate of Title

  • Two recent passport photos
  • Photocopie of the original title to the land
  • Identity ID i.e National identification card
  • General receipts of payments.
  • Letter of request for Land title replacement title
  • Gazette extract
  • Statutory declaration form

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Lands,Housing and Urban Development(MLHUD).Plot 13-15 Parliament Avenue.
P.O. Box 7096 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 373 511
Tel: +256 791-622191
Tel: +256 772-463240
Site: Ministry of Lands Housing and urban Development

Kampala Capital City Authority
Tel: +256 204660000, +256 414581294

  • District Land Offices (DLOs)
  • District Land Offices (DLOs)
  • Office of the Recorder (OR)
  • Area Land Committees (ALCs)
  • Ministry Zonal Offices (MZOs)in all districts of Uganda
  • District Land Boards (DLBs)In All Districts in Uganda


If you have lost your the original certificate of occupation for land and is damaged or torn, may request a specific title on land.


  • Registration fees 15,000
  • Stamp duty of 10,000
  • Application fees 10,000
  • Bank fees of 2,500


A title that has been replaced in land does not have a validity time provided it’s issued by an authorized entity and there is an authentic reason to ask for one.

Processing Time

Processing times can vary from up to ten days (10) up to up to four (4) months.


  • Visit the Ministry of Lands for the application forms needed and fill them out accurately.
  • Take copies of all essential documents.
  • Complete all payments.
  • Send your application to the office for land.

Requirements Information

  • Name and address of the applicant;
  • Specifics of the Land that are in dispute i.e. the location, plot and block numbers
  • The details of the owner who was the first.
  • Area Land Committee Report
  • District Land Officer Technical Report

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