How to Report a crime In Benin

Report a crime In Benin By Online

What is the process to apply

  1. Applicant(s) should go to the Ministry of Water, General Directorate of Water office. check out the office’s location and contact information below for contact information.
  2. Send your request to the MEM receptionistor secretariat front desk. You must collect all necessary forms for application or directly download it using this link: Link Request form.
  3. Send the completed form with the documents required to the MEM secretariat for recording and recorded and registered.
  4. If the MEM Secretariat is satisfied that all documents are correct If all the documents are in order, you will be instructed to make payment at cash desk. Upon which you will receive an acknowledgement slip.
  5. The file will be passed on to the department responsiblefor the file, who will then send a lab team to the location at the expense of the applicant, to take the necessary samples.
  6. The sample is then returned to MEM for analysis. MEM laboratory to be tested and analysed.
  7. The analysis sample will be delivered to the applicant with a sealed envelope, or by the mail supplied by the applicant within three working days.


Required Documents For Report a crime

  • Valid identification document
  • The report of the Environmental Impact Study has been validated by the authorities in charge.
  • A sample letter for the Departmental Directors of Water and Mines.
  • Completed water withdrawal request form.
  • A document of the on-site features of the specimen.

Office Locations and Contacts editOffice Locations and Contacts[ edit

Ministry of Water and Mines MEM
Directorate General of Water
Address Avenue Jean Paul II 01 BP 385 – Cotonou — Republic of Benin.
IFU number IFU number: 4200901839118
Telephone: (+229) 21313298/21313487/21317793 (+229) 21312907/21312924/21312938
Fax: (+229) 21 31 08 90
The working hours are Monday through Friday: 8h00hrs – 12h30hrs

– Evening: 15h00hrs-18h30hrs



  • Anyone who is a natural or legal person or a business/company can submit the request.


  • 40000 FCFA per sample


Define the period of time that the document/certificate is valid. e.g. Birth Certificate Valid for Life

Documents to Use editDocuments to Use[ edit


Examples of Documents editSample Documents[ edit

Please include a copy of your completed documents that could be helpful to others.

Processing Time EditProcessing Time[ edit

  • The processing period is 3 working days following the collection of the samples.

Related Videos editRelated Videos[ edit

Videos that explain the process or filling in the application. Include videos with the following tag: &video type='website'>video ID|width|heightand> from other websites. Remove the "&" from the tags before implementing. Website is allocine, blip dailymotion facebook, gametrailers, metacafe, googlevideo, html5 revver, myspace, sevenload, viddler Youku, YouTube width 560, height 340, and the ID for the video is It is available from the URL of the webpage on which the video is shown. e.g In the following url '' Video ID is 'Y0US7oR_t3M'.



Please provide other instructions related to the certificate/documents. e.g. The state office has birth records from January 1908.

Required Information editRequired Information[ edit

  • The full names of the company or applicant
  • The address of the company/applicant’s residence
  • Contact details
  • Address of the establishment or business in which the sample is to be taken.
  • Intended use of the water
  • Structure characteristic of the structure Depth/Aquifer captured


Document is required editNeed for the Document[ edit

  • It’s the analysis of the physicochemical and bacteriological parameters of the water found inside the samples of water taken into the lab for analysis and testing.

Information that might be useful edithelp [ edit

Other information that could aid.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate. e.g. Birth Certificates are used to prove identity.

External Links editExternal Links[ edit

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  • How to Report a crime In Benin
    How to Report a crime In Benin

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