How to Report Or Replace Damaged Passport In Belgium

How to Report Or Replace Damaged Passport In Belgium

Reporting damaged Passport

  • When your passport’s validity is not more then one year old, or the issue is on the transparent paper that has slipped away, you should call the local authorities (or your consulate or embassy in case you are a resident of another country).
  • For all other instances, you can send an email to ( quoting your passport number and describing the defect as precisely as possible.
  • In the event of damage (voluntary or accident) in normal use and wear to your passport is not meet the criteria for a free replacement.

Requesting Financial Compensation for a the production defect that was found within your Passport

  1. Fill out the request for compensation form.
  2. Take the following documents with you:
    1. Your defective passport. If you’ve already sent your travel document to the source location in the hope of receiving a replacement, you must note this on the appropriate section of the application form.
    2. Originals of all documents pertaining to your hotel or travel expenses you have incurred.
    3. Any document or letter that proves that on the date of your travel, you could not make or continue your excursion due to the passport not being in good condition.
  3. All the documents mentioned above to the address below: FPS Foreign Affairs
    Identification and Travel Documents dep. (C2.2)
    Rue des Petits Carmes 15
    1000 Brussels

Documents Required Report Or Replace Damaged Passport

  • your defective passport
  • originals of any supporting documentation that relates to the accommodation or travel costs you incurred
  • any other document or letter that proves that on the day of your travel you could not make or continue your travel because your passport was damaged or not functioning properly

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact number for all of your inquiries: +322 501 81 11.

What are all the Eligibility

Belgian passport holders.


There is no charge for replacement for defective production passports.


Passports are valid for five years.

Documents to Utilize

For Compensation Request:


    Processing Time

    You are able to make a request within one year from the time you are aware of the manufacturing defect. The decision on the compensation request will be communicated to you within three months.

    The Information You Need

    • Surname initial name, surname
    • address
    • phone number
    • Email address
    • Passport number
    • Date and time of issue, as well as the location.

    Documentation is needed

    If you find that your passport is not as it should be If your passport is damaged, you should report it and request a replacement.

    External Links

    Kingdom of Belgium, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Corporation:

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