How to Transfer of Ownership of a Firearm In Botswana

Transfer of Ownership of a Firearm In Botswana By Online

  1. To apply for the Transfer of Ownership on an Firearm You must send your completed application form at the Licensing office located at the police station of the parish that you reside in. (view the address information under the ‘office address and contacts subsection below).
  2. The owner of the firearm license must first send an official letter for the Director of Police seeking the permission to transfer ownership. Then, include it, along with the acceptance letter from the recipient at the closest police station to be approved.
    • Notice: In the event in which an inheritance is sought, all persons or entities must sign a agree in writing in writing to the commissioner of Police.
  3. The Commissioner of the Police Office will perform due diligence to determine the motives behind any transfer in ownership of the firearm and will determine if the recipient is in compliance with the criteria for selection to allow the transfer, the commissioner will decide whether or not to accept or deny the request to process.
  4. If processing of a transfer request has been approved by the Commissioner of Police office, both the person who submitted the application as well as the recipient will be issued the following forms Form for application to the right to purchase guns (change in ownership) and Formulary for registration certificate, Available at the police station’s inquired desk. ; or Use these links to download;
  5. Complete the forms and submit them together with the attached documents (mentioned in the section titled “Required Documents” subsection) in the office of licensing located at the nearest police station to be processed and approval. The the applicant will be issued an acknowledgment letter that contains the details regarding the request.
  6. When the licensing officer receives the application for transfer of ownership of the firearms the licensing officer will whenever it is practical forward the application and his opinion on the application to the Central Arms Registry: Provided that, in the case where applicants are individuals the licensing officer should not endorse the transfer of an authorization until he/she has personally spoken with applicants and was confident that the person who will be receiving the permit is
    • is a valid reason to transfer of firearms;
    • is of good mind with temperate behavior and good character with no criminal record and is able to employ the arms used without putting at risk peace or security of the public or peace.
    • is not younger than 18 years old age;
  7. After receipt of the recommendation of the licensing office and the application form after which upon receipt of the licensing office recommendation, Central Arms Registry office will examine, further process and considers the application, if an authorized official or registrar accepts the transfer. The owner of the gun will then be registered with the Central Arms Registry office, and the firearm permit/license will be signed and drawn up from the office of licensing after being notified by the Central Arms Registry office.
  8. The permit/license for firearms will be available to the person who wants to withdraw it at the particular licensing office where the application was filed after payment of the permit fee, and in conjunction with his/her identity document as well as the acknowledgement letter.

Required Documents For Transfer of Ownership of a Firearm 

  • Valid identification documents
  • In the event of inheritance, Attach copies of the relevant documents, such as Arm License
    • Wedding certificate (If the person who receives the certificate is the partner of the owner who died)
    • Firearms certification
  • If this is the first time a firearm has been owned an applicant must submit the police with a clearance report

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Arms Registry
Botswana Police Headquarters

Physical Address:
Lot 4 Government Enclave

Postal address: Private Bag 0012
Tel. (+267) 3622000
Fax. (+267) 3973723

Botswana Police Service
Address for Postal Delivery:
Public Relations Officer
P/Bag 0012, Gaborone

Physical address: CBD, Gaborone
Zambezi Towers Floor 3
Tel: +267 399 3815 / 19 / 20/ 21 / 74 / 78
Fax: +267 397 2404

Botswana police contact information for the police Link: Link


  • The person who is the registered owner of a firearm who wishes to transfer the ownership for the gun to a third person.


  • Processing fee for applications BWP 20.00


  • The firearm permit/license lasts for 1 year starting from day it was issued or renewed.

Documents to Utilize

  • URL (application form to obtain a permits to purchase guns (change in ownership).
  • Link (application form to apply for registration certificate)

Processing Time

  • Processing time for processing is 14 working days.

The Information You Need

Information about the owner and receiver of the gun

  • Full name and age
  • Nationality
  • Conduct details (residential address/ postal address/telephone/email/mobile number/fax)
  • Occupation
  • Name and address of the employer
  • Arms for which permits are necessary (type/calibre/maker Name/Serial Number)
  • Registration Certificate Number
  • Justifications for the need for arms (if you are protecting stock or protection of stock, the state number of stock or ranches that are owned by the owner)
  • Applicant declaration (signature/thumb print)

The Document is required

  • Transfer of ownership for a firearm is the transfer of ownership an firearm from an owner who is registered to a different person. It must be registered and approved through the Central Arms Registry office.
  • The firearms permit permits the licensee to purchase and own, carry, or carry an firearm. It’s usually subject to a number of conditions or restrictions, specifically regarding storage requirements or completion of a firearms security course, in addition to background checks.

External Links

Portal of government service: Link



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