How to Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle In Botswana

Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle In Botswana By Yourself

  1. All applications for transfer of Ownership for the Motor Vehicle are processed and filed by the Department of Road Transport and Safety office the DRTS office, that is part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, (View address/contact details below).
  2. Take and return the transfer of ownership of motor vehicles form (if appropriate) Form is accessible at the desk of inquiries located at the Department of Road Safety and Transport Offices throughout the country.
  3. Take the time to read the instruction section thoroughly and then fill out the application accurately according to your requirements If you require assistance while filling out the form or have any other questions don’t be afraid to contact your DRTS Officer for help.
  4. Send the completed form along with any attachments (mentioned beneath under the section ‘Required Documents’) to the Registration and Licensing Officer in the nearest Department of Road Transport and Safety office to be approved.
  5. The official will then confirm that all necessary documents and information are supplied and the application meet the criteria for selection If everything is in good order the applicant ( you, the person applying) are advised to pay fees for application (non-refundable) at the officer responsible for registration and licensing.
  6. The applicant’s file will be sent to the department in charge of evaluation, processing and evaluation.
  7. If an approved official finds that requirements for the application are satisfied the transfer is deemed to be approved and you will receive a registration certificate and the new vehicle’s registry book (logbook) in addition to his or her identity document.

Required Documents For Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle 

Candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  • The current registration book is filled out and signed by both the parties
  • Certified copies of valid identification for current and new owners
  • For every organization that register, the registration form must be signed and stamped by an authorized person

In the case of a deceased owner:

  • A certified copy of the death certificate
  • A certificate from Kgosi District Commissioner or a court order specifying the beneficiary’s legal name.
  • A certified duplicate of beneficiary’s valid identity

Note In the event of a dispute , the beneficiary should be decided by a legal court and must provide the following documents:
In the event of a Court or other court order

  • Execution of a written document
  • Copy of the Court decision (addressed at Department of Road Transport and Safety). Department of road transport and safety)
  • Copy of the notice of sale

for auction-ed cars:

  • Register book signed by the current owner as well as new owners
  • The proof of purchase

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Physical Address:
West Gate Mall, Unit No. 28. Western Bypass
Tel. (+267) 361-2000
Fax. (+267) 390-7236
Toll-free Line: 17779

Department of Road Transport and Safety
Physical Address:
Tshomarelo House, Botswana Savings Bank Building

Address for postage:
Private Bag 0054
Tel. (+267) 368-8600
Fax. (+267) 3914338
Toll-Free Number: 17779

Ministry contact information link: Link

The Department of Road Transport and SAFETY OFFICES AND SERVICES OFFICES REGIONAL Contact Details Link: Link
The hours of operation are 07:30 to 16:30, Monday through Friday, with the exception of public holidays.


  • Residents and citizens of all ages are qualified.

Title changes to cars are triggered by a variety of causes as outlined below;

  • If you are selling or buying the new car (in the case of a transfer that the dealership of the car will handle the transfer.)
  • If you are selling or purchasing an used car. In this situation the new owner needs to request an ownership transfer their name within two weeks of the purchase.
  • when transferring or gifting an automobile, or when receiving an automobile as a gift or gift or donation.
  • In the event of inheriting a vehicle.
  • In a car auction
  • When you’ve paid off your car loan, you can pay off your car.
  • When you transfer ownership of your car on to relatives.


The cost involved is the following:

  • People as well Companies BWP 169.00
  • The Government (Central Transport Organisation as well as Botswana Defence Force) auctioned prices for vehicles will be determined by the vehicle’s weight.

Processing Time

  • In the course of the day/shortly

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the first and current proprietor of the car
  • Contact information for both parties
  • The identification document of both of the parties
  • Information about the registration of a vehicle
  • The address of the residential address of both parties
  • The declaration of both of the parties

Documentation is needed

  • This is the procedure of transfer of ownership of a car to another person. It is processed and approved through the Department of Road Transport and Safety office (DRTS), that is under the Ministry of Transport and Communications office.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • A logbook for registration of vehicles (logbook) can be used establish the ownership of a vehicle
  • A vehicle registration book may be used to get credit from a leading financial institution

External Links

Portal for government services: Link



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