How To Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle In Georgia

How To Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle In Georgia

  • Collect all documents that you’ll be required to submit or provide to be able to complete the process.
  • Apply for a job.
  • Complete the form and attach the other documents required.
  • All fees must be paid.

Documents that are required Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle

  • Document that confirms the ownership of the automobile
  • ID card;
  • Act of Inspection (issued from the Service Agency);
  • Joint application
  • Receipt to confirm that the fee was paid in that is in compliance with the legislation (fee of state-issued number plates is 35 GEL and fee for the vehicle’s registration document 35 GEL).

For the descendants:

  • Document signed by a notary or the court;
  • Formulary for application (to be filled out in the Service Agency);
  • Heritage certificate;
  • The registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Inspection act
  • ID card;
  • Receipt of confirmation of payment of the amount stipulated by law – the cost for car’s registration document 35 GEL.

Office Locations and Contacts

Service Agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs)Address : Tbilisi-Rustavi Tsiteli Khidis Highway 21 kilometers
Hotline: +995 32 241 91 911
Ministry of Internal Affairs Web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs


  • Plate Number 35 GEL

The registration certificate of the vehicle GEL 35 GEL


It is necessary to re-register a car in the event that ownership of a vehicle has passed to a different person (selling or giving as an exchange, gift for a gift, exchange, etc.)

Re-registration also has to be completed in the event that the vehicle was acquired.

Documentation is needed

The following steps will show you how to take ownership over a car which was previously registered in Georgia.

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