How to Validate Foreign Pilot Licence In Botswana

Validate Foreign Pilot Licence In Botswana By online

  1. To verify a Foreign Pilot Licence, the applicant must go to the CIVIL AVISION AUTHORITY OF BOTSWANA {AAB) head office to apply. Check out the CAAB contact information via the following link: Link
  2. How to Validate Foreign Pilot Licence In Botswana
    How to Validate Foreign Pilot Licence In Botswana
  3. Candidates must complete and submit the required APPLICATION FOR VALIDATION of a FOREIGN PLOT LICENCE CA 61-02.9. Formulas are available for download in any CAAB offices.
  4. The completed application form, along with the supporting documents , listed in”Required Documents” section of this page “Required documents” section on this page, should be handed over at the CAAB head officefor examination only in the event that the applicant holds valid medical certificates or after verifying that your medical examination has been deemed “fit” from the Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB). The certificate will be included within the relevant section on your application.
  5. The CAAB licensing and registration receiving officer will confirm that all necessary documents and information are in order and whether the application is in compliance If it is all in place, then the application file will be registered after paying the fee, which is listed under”FEE. “FEE” section on this page.
  6. Candidates will then be provided an acknowledgement note, which will contain the information about the application.
  7. The file for application is evaluated to be processed and analyzed by the unit for registration and licensing, using the documents and information that were provided, and, if they are in compliance;
  8. Candidates will then be required to make an appointment and attend Botswana Air law Examinations (theory and flight test) with an approved Botswana Delegated Examiner.
  9. After passing an exam, if you pass the Botswana Air law Examinations; the CAAB licensing and registration unit will then verify the validity and authenticity of the foreign pilot’s license by contacting the agency who issued the license after being satisfied with the result.
  10. The application has been accepted You will then be informed that the validation document is ready to be collected via phone or postal mail.
  11. Validation is a temporary document that allows applicants to use the rights of a foreign flight crew within Botswana certified aircraft.
  12. Visit the CAAB office for registration and licensing and show the acknowledgement letter along with your identity document for validation at the license office. seal the signature pad/book and take the validated document at the office of dispatch in conjunction with your identity card.

Documents Required

  • Correctly filled Application form CA 61-02.9
  • The pilot’s license for foreigners.
  • A valid medical document
  • Photocopies of the foreign license and medical certificate
  • A test report on knowledge or test of skill that is conducted by an CAAB Designerated Pilot Examiner
  • Personal logbooks, or other evidence attesting to the flight experience as shown on the application form
  • Photocopies of the logbook that the applicant used to fill out
  • Two (2) color passport-sized recent photos (full face)
  • Identity document valid (passport)
  • Receipt of payment for the fee amount as per the regulations
  • Additional documents that you may need to be included in the CAAB

Office Locations and Contacts

Head Office
Physical address: Plot 61920, Letsema Office Park Fairgrounds
P O Box 250, Gaborone
Telephone: +267 368-8200
Phone number for Fax: +267 391 3112 / 2222
Address for email:

PG Matante International Airport
P.O. Box: 315, Francistown, Botswana
Telephone: +267 241 3420
Fax: +267 241 5855
Contact email address

Maun International Airport
P O Box 54, Maun
Telephone: +267 686 0238
Fax: +267 686 0238
Address for email:

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport
P/bag SK9, Gaborone, Botswana
Telephone: +267 390 44 01
Fax: +267 390 45 57
Address for email:

Kasane International Airport
P O Box 349, Kasane
Telephone: +267 625 0133
Contact email address
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 07:30 – 1630
CAAB contact information and map contact information and map location Link
CAAB Site: Link


  • Anyone who has an international pilot’s license and who wishes to fly an Botswana certified aircraft.


  • The applicable fee is charged by CAAB: CAAB: Link
  • Be aware that these fees charges are subject to change from time-to the


  • The valid document is valid for up to six months. However, this time period does not exceed the expiry date of the medical certificate or foreign license in any way.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant’s personal details
  • License number
  • Type of license
  • Date of the issue or expiry
  • Pilot License:
  • Flying Hours during last 12 months
  • Grand Total Hours of Flight
  • Instrument Flying: Actual Instrument Flying Hours during past 6 months
  • As Instructor hours as an Instructor in the past six months
  • A declaration from the applicant

The Document is required

  • Anyone who has an international pilot license who wants to fly on a Botswana registered aircraft is required to obtain their PPL’, CPL’ or ATPL’ foreign pilot license endorsed through the CIVIL AVIATION authority of BOTSWANA {(AAB).
  • A valid PPL, CPL and ATPL issued by the licensing Authority of an ICAO member state can be recognized as valid for validation. Validation is a one-time document that permits the applicant to apply for the privileges of a foreign flight crew licence within Botswana licensed aircraft.
  • The only option would be to have the safety pilot to act as pilot-in command (PIC).

External Links

  • CAAB Website: Link



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