How to Vehicle Import / Export Clearance In Botswana

Vehicle Import / Export Clearance In Botswana By Online

  1. In order to obtain a vehicle’s clearance for export or import The applicant needs to bring the vehicle to a physical inspection and accompanying documents to the appropriate clearing police station. (Contact information is listed below).
    • It is recommended to contact the station police first to determine if an appointment for an inspection is required prior to heading to their office.
  2. Make an appointment at the police station’s at the front desk and present all documentation (listed further below) to be verified by an authorized officer. get the vehicle checked.
  3. The application is then evaluated by the authority authorized to approve it, in accordance with the findings of the vehicle inspection report and other documents you’ve supplied, and if they are in compliance with the rules, the application is approved.
  4. The necessary authorization certificate is prepared and signed by an authorized officer, and issued to the person applying against his/her identity proof:
    • Botswana Police form Botswana Police Form BP17A (Motor Vehicle Clearance for Export Only) to export to non-Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs’ Cooperation Organization (SARPCCO) countries
    • SARPCCO Motor Vehicles Clearance Certificate for motor vehicles that are exported to SARPCCO countries
    • Botswana Police form BP17B (Motor Vehicle Clearance for Registration Only) for motor vehicles imported

Required Documents For Vehicle Import / Export Clearance

  • Identification documents that are valid (Omang Residents Permits, Omang passports)
  • A letter of authorisation (In the event that the person applying for the authorization letter is not the owner of the vehicle).

Candidates with brand new cars are required to bring all the required documents

  • Purchase Invoice
  • SARPCCO Clearance Certificate

Candidates with used vehicles need to be able to provide one of the following papers

  • SARPCCO Accreditation Certificate (valid until up to 90 days.)
  • Invoice
  • Registration Book
  • Non-SARPCCO Countries:
  • Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (e.g. for imports. Japan, Singapore, etc)

Office Locations and Contacts

Botswana Police Service
address: Lot 4, Government Enclave
Private Bag 0012
Tel. (+267) 3951161
Fax. (+267) 3973723

Botswana Police Service contact details link:Link

How to Vehicle Import / Export Clearance In Botswana
How to Vehicle Import / Export Clearance In Botswana

Serious Crime Squad
Address: Plot 356, Extension 4, Independence Avenue
P.O. Box 1082
Tel: (+267) 3916809 / 3952531 / 3911892

Criminal Investigation Department (North)
Address: Plot 21926, Blue Jacket Street
P.O. Box 91
Tel: (+267) 2423000

Woodhall Police Station
P.O. Box 89
Tel: (+267) 5333012

Maun Police Station
P. O. Box 7
Tel: (+267) 6860034

Serowe Police Station
P.O. Box 255
Tel: (+267) 4630222

Kasane Police Station
P. O. Box 1
Tel: (+267) 6250326

Mahalapye Police Station
P.O. Box 31
Tel: (+267) 4710222

Gantsi Police Station
P. O. Box 26
Tel: (+267) 6596222

Selebi Phikwe Police Station
P.O. Box 15
Selebi Phikwe
Tel: (+267) 2610301

Tsabong Police Station
P. O. Box 3
Tel: (+267) 6540423


  • Owner of motor vehicles, or any other person authorised by him in writing, to take authorization on behalf of them


  • There is no charge associated with the service

Processing Time

  • The time frame for processing the application is anywhere from 24 and 48 hours

Requirements Information

  • The full names of the owner or applicant of the vehicle.
  • Identification document details of the owner or applicant of the vehicle
  • Country of import/export
  • Contact information of the owner of the vehicle
  • Address details of the residential address of the owner or applicant of the vehicle
  • The details of the registration book for your vehicle
  • Authorization letter (if appropriate)

Need to have the Document

  • This is a prerequisite before registration, exportation importation, and major modifications to motor vehicles inor out of Botswana.

External Links

  • Portal for government procedures: Link



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