Is Electrical & Electronics Engineering is toughest branch of engineering?


This question can only be answered by people who have studied electrical engineering in college. You can see that many of the answers are provided by people who have no experience in electrical engineering.

Yes, I did. So did my friends.

It is the most difficult.

  1. Mentally, you need to see the physical circuits versus the theoretical. You can use Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering to draw beautiful pictures, create scale models, and compare work done. It’s so much easier.
  2. Math.
    Civil Engineering is primarily Newtonian Physics — there’s no calculus.
    Mechanical Engineering is a mixture of both. It’s therefore more difficult.
    Electrical Engineering is all about calculus.
  3. Mental.
    Simply put, you must have the ability to think about it. It is possible to be very smart but not have the brain necessary for EE work. EEs think differently. You need to think differently in order to solve problems.

This is how I rate difficulty on a scale from 1-10

CE – 3
ME – 5
EE – 10
Computer Science – 4
Computer Engineering – 9

I was an EE major at UC Irvine, and had a lot of engineering friends. When I speak, it is from my first-hand experience.

Don’t believe all the bullshit about “developing passion”, “make It Happen” and other positive mental bullshit advice. Either you have it or not.

Take, for example.

I can dream about being a ballet dancer. I can see all the YouTube videos and “visualize” going to ballet school. It won’t happen if I’m not 4’4″ and 200 lbs. It’s not possible for me to have it.

It’s the exact same thing but. IN YOUR BRAIN.

Either you THINK like an ENGINEER or you don’t.
Either you THINK like an electrical engineer or you don’t.

It is in your DNA.

Did you get it?


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