Is Vimsons Electricals Private Limited Deals in Power Sector?

Vimsons Electrics pvt. Ltd. (v.e.p.l), a registered company based in Delhi, has a legal CIN number. You can check the official website ministry of corporate affairs. It is a registered company. The question is, should you join this company? V.e.p.l (noida), a recruitment center, asks for 20,000 rupees security fund and a 6-month period bond. They will train you according to your branch (autocad, SCADA and vlsi) for 3 months. After that, they will pay you and send you to the client’s company to get a job based on your performance. Visit the v.e.p.l site to see their client companies. You can also check their client companies at v.e.p.l website.

You’ll get another chance if you make the right decision. Good luck! !

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