Why are electric cars popular?

It is really quite simple: Buying an EV makes more sense than buying an ICE car.

  • The price of a similar-equipped ICE car has almost reached the same level as its counterpart.
  • Because they are less expensive to buy and maintain, they are also cheaper to operate (I paid EUR250 per monthly for my last car, a diesel Range Rover) and EUR70 for electricity to power my Tesla Model S).
  • In many markets, there are higher taxes on polluting vehicles and petrol and diesel prices continue to rise in all markets
  • They are more secure for the future: Who will want to purchase an ICE car second-hand in five years? You might even be able drive an ICE vehicle in the middle of your nearest city.

They’re also great for cruising along the motorway, which is another reason they’re so popular.

In the last years we have gone through a transitional period, during which the oil industry, traditional car manufacturers, and the oil companies were actively opposing EVs. But, now that big names like Volkswagen-Audi Group and Jaguar-Land Rover are making serious commitments to EVs, as well as investing in charging networks, oil companies such as Shell, BP, and others, it’s starting to drop.

As the industry changes to this new model, it should be an exciting few years. More competition in this area should be a huge benefit to consumers. The innovation that the wider industry can bring into these technologies should help bring down prices while also advancing the technology in these vehicles.


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