Nagaland Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate

Nagaland Bill Calculator:

Enter the power consumption as per Nagaland Electricity Board, connected load & select your location either rural or urban. Then press the calculate button to get the electricity bill value for one month. The Nagaland Calculator works only for only month. If you want more month you can multiply with the total months.

Choose Reading or unit:  
Select the Place UrbanRural  
Total Unit Consumption As per NERC: kWh
Enter The Connected Load: kWh
Total Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Electricity Duty Amount: INR
Meter rent Amount: INR
Total Bill Amount: INR

Per Unit Rate Nagaland:

Per Unit Rate Nagaland
Category Unit Per unit(₹) Urban Rural
Single Point >0 3.6/4.65 10 10
Domestic 0-30 3.65 140/kW/Con 100/kW/Con
31-100 4.85
101-250 5.95
>250 6.85

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