Sikkim Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate Sikkim

Sikkim Bill Calculator:

Enter the total power consumption as per electricity board. or if you do not know then choose the reading option to get the current bill for one month. The Sikkim electricity bill calculator work only for domestic LT tariff for single phase and three phase.

Choose Reading or unit:  
Select the Supply 1ph3ph  
Total Unit Consumption As per SSERC: kWh
Total Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Electricity Duty Amount: INR
Meter rent Amount: INR
Total Bill Amount: INR

Per unit rate as per Latest tariff Order 2020:

Per Unit rate 2020
Category Unit Per unit(₹) 1 ph 3ph
Domestic 0-50 1 40 200
51-100 2
100-200 3
200-400 3.5
>400 4

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