What are electrical engineering placements like at DTU?

The tough part is that the placements in Electrical Engineering(EE) aren’t those that are featured in national papers. Actually the purely financial viewpoint, they’re far from being.

A fair comparison of the positions of EE will not be the monikered “coding branches’ (COE,IT,SE) but with

1. The other branches that are ‘core’ are located at DTU and

2. Classes from the major branches of the top NITs, BITS, etc (It is not fair to include IITs in this list since their EE curriculum is the COE curriculum with DTU ECE as well as COE)

Assuming these are the basis point, the outcomes for students in EE are generally good. Nearly all qualified students(60 percent aggregate, without active backlog) competing for placements are able to be offered a place.

The visiting companies hire students predominantly in three domains-core electrical, non-core(analytics,consultancy) and software engineer/developer.

  • Core electrical companies that are visited include top companies like Nestle, Reliance Tata Power, Philips, Orient, Renew Power, Orange Renewables, Wipro, Bechtel, Technip etc. Each of these companies offers the possibility of compensation ranging from 5.5 7 lpa to 7.5 5 lpa CTC. Additionally, a few Japanese companies(Texeg,Fujikura and others) have also started hiring students for overseas postings at handsome (by Indian standards) compensation levels. There are also companies that provide electronic profile (VLSI,Embedded systems, etc.) such as Qualcomm, T.I.,Freescale with compensation levels ranging from 11 to 11 LPA CTC.
  • Non-core companies comprise the consulting divisions from the Big 4 auditors-PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG and data analytics companies like Axtria, fractal , and top consultancies such as Mckinsey (Knowledge network) and Bain (Capability),BCG and others. The pay levels for this category are a slightly higher, and range from 5.5-10 LPA CTC.
  • There are a lot of programming companies are open for EE. This includes Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and others. Because the EE curriculum does not provide classes in programming, the students learn to work for these firms by themselves. The salaries here tend to be the highest, and postings from overseas in top companies are the ones that get attention!


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