Why do we call electric vehicles eco-friendly when they use electricity generated by burning fossil fuels?

  1. The majority. The trend of the future is decreasing dependence on coal and alternative fossil fuels.
  2. In the present, EVs are more energy efficient as they use less loss-prone powertrainsand are able to harness the kinetic energy from acceleration through Braking and other such.
  3. The majority of EVs are contemporary designs based on the most recent engineering techniques and principles. Therefore, they are more efficient in regards to aerodynamics, on-board energy usage, frictional loss, and other things like that…

The only drawbacks EVs present over IC engine counterparts is the range for a single recharge or fill, and the overall weight of vehicles for similar range. The time required to fill for similar ranges is also longer for EVs.

Answer to the question…

We believe the electric vehicle (EVs) can reduce pollution in India since the majority of electricity generated is produced from coal?


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