What are some of the various government job options for electrical engineers in India?

Here are some..

The most prestigious job for an Electrical Engineers in India is to be an IES officer/Class 1 officer and are employed by the Indian Government.

After that, you’ll have two options if are not interested in studying to become an IES officer. You can first enter the industry in private and join firms such as Tata Power, Reliance Industry, Siemens, and there are numerous companies like that , and they recruit for top institutes like the IITs of Few good NITs. Private companies offer an excellent salary and you will enjoy a pleasant lifestyle. The second option is to study for GATE and get an the all India score of 300 or less and then join a PSU such as IOCL, NTPC, ONGC, HPCL, BHEL, NPCIL, PGCIL, and several others similar to these. These PSUs jobs are similar to government jobs and offer an excellent salary, but the growth of salary is extremely slow.

Third option is to get another job in the private sector which includes the cement sector as well as solar power, fertiliser sector, power sector. You will earn a starting salaries of around 4-5 lac per year and live somewhat of a tough life due to the fact that all these plants are located in rural areas in which you won’t have the basic amenities, and you are complaining about these plants.

Finally, you have the possibility of joining CS IT field if you are interested in this.

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