Which is more environmental friendly, hydrogen cars or electric cars?

There are a lot of opinions about this issue The argument comes down to one side stating hydrogen for electric cars is very energy-inefficient, and certain commercial hydrogen production processes built on the reformation process of natural gas produce lots in CO 22. The other argument is that batteries consume a lot of energy to produce and that some mining of battery materials impacts the environment.

There are arguments on both sides about the safety, cost, and storage of hydrogen fuel, in contrast to the longer time it takes to recharge batteries.

The hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai gets 66 MPGe as compared to 133 MPGe for Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and this doesn’t take into consideration the huge energy needed to convert hydrogen into electricity to power the vehicle.

My personal view is hydrogen as a fuel isn’t going to be popular. Electricity is too convenient, while hydrogen is simply inefficient. Additionally, hydrogen will require an infrastructure that isn’t there. The home generation of hydrogen is more inefficient as commercial production.

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