What are the best cheap electric cars?

Sometimes, the cheapest car is not the best. Although I don’t know your exact location, chances are that you have seen electric cars on the roads. That’s why you’re asking me this question.

This will be split into two parts: used and new electric vehicles.


The original Nissan Leaf is the most affordable EV that you can purchase used.

The EV is great for city driving, provided you don’t drive more than 50 miles per day and have another car that you can use to take long trips. These are very easy to park and maneuver around. These are available for as low as $5-10k USD, and they come with an EV for a great deal.

It will help you save money on fuel and maintenance, and it will allow you to test drive an EV before you buy. These batteries will degrade faster in the Leaf than other EVs, so you’ll need to replace the battery if the car is to continue to run. This is my personal recommendation. If the range becomes too low, you can drive it until that happens. Then put the battery in your home. It’s already been paid for and could power your home for several days. With some solar panels on your roof, this battery will also provide an off-grid backup that should reduce your electricity bills.


Remember what I said at the beginning? Yes, we are getting there now. It all depends on where you live, since imported cars tend to be more expensive due to taxes.

If you are really looking for an EV, you will be able to take all your long trips in it. (Btw. I have an electric car and I can tell you that it feels much more comfortable than driving a gas car.

Only one suggestion:

Tesla Model 3 $35k:

Now you might be wondering, whaaaaaat, that car doesn’t even exist. Your right it doesn’t.

Not on the website, so how will you be able to buy it? Hmmm?

These are the steps:

  1. Grab your phone
  2. Contact Tesla
  3. Tell them that you are interested in the $35k model 3.
  4. Follow the steps together
  5. Your done!

Although it is not as simple as going to the dealer, it is still much more convenient than doing it online. This was done by Tesla for several reasons.

  1. The $35k model is not the right price, as it’s a software-locked version of the Standard Range Plus and has no autopilot. The standard version is not included with all cars.
  2. It is not a good value for the customer.
  3. If they don’t limit the software, it will make things more complicated
  4. The standard range plus was the most popular choice of many people. It was simply that much better.

You might think that $35k is a lot of money. You might consider looking at used model 3. For $35k, you can buy the long-range version with autopilot online. They may have some miles, but they are still rated for more than 1,000,000 miles. The battery can also be rated for 300 to 500k miles depending on how well you care for it.

This is the most affordable EV that you can find, and it will be a great investment.


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