What are the best MS programmes for Electrical and electronics engineers?

Get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science if you are interested in programming.

My credential shows that I have a Bachelor’s degree in EE and a Master of CS. Since I had only taken one CS course during my BSEE, I had several undergraduate courses (perhaps three to four) that I needed in order to be able take many of my graduate-level CS courses. These courses didn’t count towards my MSCS.

It was well worth it as it lead to a successful career as a embedded system.

Engineer, where I’ve been able combine both the two. Sometimes, I only design the hardware and also the PCB. Other times, I am involved in both. I’m always able to make tradeoffs between hardware and software, giving my clients the best bangfor their buck.

Over my 50-year professional career, I have brought in more than 25 projects to market. Several times over the years, I was hired because of my BSEE/MSCS credentials. This is what the hiring companies told me.

The explosion in IoT has led to robotics, drones and other technologies. The future of embedded systems is bright and a combination BSEE/MSCS can be a great way to get started.

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