What is better: eBike or petrol bike?

An electric scooter (newer faster scooters) is better than a petrol one.


Both prices are close to 70k for purchase.

E scooters can be fuel-efficient at a cost of 10-20 paise per kilometer, while petrol ones are at 1.5 rs/km. The E-scooter is 7-15x cheaper to operate. This means that I can travel 40kms to my office in just 4-8 rs.

No maintenance cost, no fuel oil ….or air filters just keep using it with very few health checks every year. Regenerative braking makes e-scooters much more economical in terms of brake pad maintenance.

I plan to purchase an ather energy scooter S340 when it launches. I see a lot of potential in the company and I admire their tech mindset, just like Tesla. I want to zip like a boss at traffic signals, as the S340 can go 0-40kmph in just 5.1 seconds.


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