What is the best electric skateboard?


It’s no surprise that Boosted produces the best electric skateboards. The newest version is the same longboard that they have been making for years. The Boosted Plus is the name of the new model, and it checks almost all the boxes.

The advertised range of the Plus is 14 miles, but it’s closer to 10-12 miles in real world use depending on where and how you ride. It’s enough to cover most trips, but it’s not sufficient. In the past, the 5- to 7-mile range was always a source of anxiety. But on the Boosted board, I rarely worried about running out of battery in the middle. It’s even possible to ride it 12 miles round the block to get to work.

Boosted boards are extremely durable. With lots of care and love, the longboards can go hundreds of miles or even thousands. Like its predecessors, the Plus is extremely flexible. You can jump on it, and it won’t break because of its composite deck. It can also be ridden through puddles.

It is also very fast. It can travel up to 20 miles an hour at the top, which is as fast as I’ve ever wanted on a skateboard. The best and most smoothest electric skateboard stopping power is also available, which is huge when you travel at such high speeds.

I find Boosted longboards the most easy to ride. You can also start slow if your skills are still developing. The remote is the best remote. The wheel is spring loaded and allows you to accelerate and brake with the perfect balance of tension and play. It makes it easy to control speed and brake without making sudden movements. The Plus’ wheels have the largest Boosted ever used and grip the road well. This makes for a smooth ride.

Although the Plus is large, it makes it fun and easy to ride. However, it is also one of its biggest drawbacks.

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